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Once SAP propose solution to an incident you will get a notification from SAP Cloud Support which as shown below.

We would like to provide following best practise and methods to help us service you better.

Best Practise #1: Don’t Leave Us in the Dark: Confirm our Solution – or Reject It

Of course, we always strive to do our best. However, to maintain our high standards, it is important for us to know whether you are completely satisfied with the solution proposal provided by SAP Cloud Support.

  • If the proposed solution solves the issue you reported, please take the time to confirm the solution.
  • If the proposed solution does not solve your issue, please reject it and send the incident back to us for further processing.
How You Benefit

  • Clear overview of open incidents
  • Timely response ensures timely processing.
How We Benefit

  • We know the extent to which a proposed solution solved your issue.

Feedback #2: Let Us Know Your Mind: Customer Feedback on Incidents

Whenever we provide a solution to your incident, you will receive a separate email containing a link with the following questions with

:sad: - '0' for Very Unsatisfied,

:neutral: - '5' for Neutral

:smile: - '10' for Very Satisfied.

Q1How satisfied are you with the initial reaction time with SAP?0 (Very Unsatisfied) --- 10 (Very Satisfied)
Q2How satisfied are you with the time used by SAP to solve the issues?0 (Very Unsatisfied) --- 10 (Very Satisfied)
Q3How satisfied are you with his/her experience and knowledge?0 (Very Unsatisfied) --- 10 (Very Satisfied)
Q4How satisfied are you with his/her friendliness and behaviour?0 (Very Unsatisfied) --- 10 (Very Satisfied)
Q5How satisfied are you overall with the support you receviced concerning this message?0 (Very Unsatisfied) --- 10 (Very Satisfied)
Q6How satisfied are you with the product XX** Miscellanious?0 (Very Unsatisfied) --- 10 (Very Satisfied)
Q7Has your problem been solved?Yes/No
Q8Do you have any comments or any suggestions? How did you benefit from your service?**Free Text**

  • Please take the time to provide your feedback and send it back to us.
How You Benefit

  • You have a chance to trigger improvements at our end.
How We Benefit

  • We have a chance to detect areas for improvement which we will certainly explore.


1. Once feedback submitted you cannot open the link again with an error message "The Feedback is final".

2. The survey link is valid only for 28 days and you cannot provide feedback anymore as the link is expired.