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This blog gives overview on how Contract can be Invoice - base on 2 Use Cases and how it can be Completed - depends on 2 conditions .

Customer Contract can be Invoice base on two use case .

  1. Invoice with reference to 'Customer Contract Invoice Request' and HOW-TO prevent 'Conflict' status.
  2. Invoice with reference to 'Schedule Invoice Request' and HOW-TO Cancel Invoice Schedule with OPEN-dates.

Use Case 1 :-

This use case explains on how Customer Contract Invoice Request gets invoice and how to prevent getting this Invoice Request as Conflict.

  • Go to Sales Order work center ->Create New Contract (where ABC is Contract ID) and maintain all the madatory details.
  • Go to Items tab and enter Item of type Service - Fixed price without actual ->Release the Contract.
  • Go to Customer Invoicing work center ->Invoice Request view ->Search with Contract ID 'ABC'.

You can see the 'Customer Contract Invoice Request' is with status To be Invoiced.

Select the Invoice Request ABC and click on Invoice button ->Save the Invoice (without release).It creates Invoice(where Invoice ID is INV),which can further be released.

***Please Note :=>

  • a) If you Cancel the Contract ABC ->Item with Invoice Cancelation as 'Cancel Pending Invoice Request' .


  • b) Make certain change within Contract e.g. reduce the Contract ->Item's quantity(this changes possible ONLY prior to Invoice is released) .

=>Then it will make the Customer Contract Invoice Request status as 'Conflict'. So please ensure ,you do not make any changes/cancelation within Contract to prevent Invoice Request getting conflict.

Use Case 2 :-

How to create Schedule Invoice Request and Cancel - Invoice Schedule with Open dates.

  • Go to Sales Order work center ->Create New Contract ABC ->Go to Items tab and add Service Item as line-item '10'
  • Go to Pricing and Invoice tab ->Invoice Schedule sub tab ->Add line-item 10
  • Maintain two dates as : dd.mm.yyyy and dd1.mm1.yyyy1 and later release the Contract.
  • Go to Customer Invoicing work center ->Invoice Request view ->Search with Contract ID :ABC
  • Create and Release Invoice for the Schedule Invoice Request of date dd.mm.yyyy (not for dd1.mm1.yyyy1).
  • Now if you check Invoice Schedule tab of Contract ABC,you can see for date dd.mm.yyyy the status is Invoiced whereas for date dd1.mm1.yyyy1 status is Open (since NO - Schedule Invoice Request yet created).
  • If you want to Cancel the Item 10 with Open date dd1.mm1.yyyy1 ( + Including all other Open dates which will come in future),follow the below step:-

    • Go to Items tab of Contract ABC ->Select Item '10' and perform Action Finish Fulfillment and then follow by Finish Invoicing .

=> This will change status of date dd1.mm1.yyyy1 from Open to Canceled.


The overall status of Contract will be Completed ,if either of the below 2 condition is satisfied.

Condition 1: If Contract ->Items are having the Cancelation Status as 'Canceled' ,which will results into Item status as Completed.Once all item status will be Completed ,then the overall Contract Status will also be completed.

Condition 2 :The other way by which Item/items will have status as Completed ,when for those line-items:-

  1. Fulfilment Status is Finished
  2. Invoice Status is Finished
  3. and Validity of Item is Expired.(i.e. Contract ->Item - End Date is reached).

Same as in condition 1,once all Item have status 'Completed' it will overall complete the Contract status too.


  • Edit Contract ABC ->Go to Items tab ->Select line-item '10'.

=>If you perform the Action : Finish Fulfillment ,it will make the Cancelation Reason as non-editable .So if you want to perform cancelation on Contract->Item ,please ensure you do not trigger action Finish Fulfillment (Note : Once Finish Fulfilment is done ,it can not be reverted back).

Reference : Help Center ->Customer Contracts Quick Guide.