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In this blog, I describe how to work with the customer consignment report.

In the previous release, the customer consignment process was introduced. Now, we provide a comprehensive report giving an overview of the consignment quantities which are sent and invoiced as well as the related open quantities. Furthermore, you can review which quantities are returned or adjusted.

There are 2 views of this report: ‘Consignment Overview’ and the ‘Consignment Returns and Adjustments’ view; the first one focuses on the straight forward process and the second one on the exceptional cases.

The Consignment Overview provides the Open Fill-up Quantities, the Delivered Fill-up Quantities, the Issued Quantities, the Open Invoice Quantities and the Invoiced Quantities for the selected relevant period for the Account/Custodian and Product Category. By default, it shows as follows:

Consignment Overview

You can drill into details as usual to display more, e.g. to the product level. Or, in case you want to see the outbound deliveries which contributed to the delivered fill-up quantity.

The Consignment Returns and Adjustments View shows the Returned Quantity Before Issue (= consignment return), the Returned Quantity After Issue (if the customer return was created with a reference) as well as the issued adjusted quantity as the received adjusted quantity.

Consignment Returns and Adjustments


Please notice the following:

  • This report (and the underlying data source) comprises of different business documents which are the source of the key figures:

    • For open fill-up quantities, issued quantities open invoice quantities it is the sales order

    • For the delivered fill-up quantity, it is the outbound delivery

    • For the invoiced quantity, it is the invoice

    • For the returned quantities (before and after issue), it is the inbound delivery and,

    • For the adjusted quantities (issue and receipt,) it is the warehouse confirmation

  • To enable - for example a month based - overview for all the documents, we have introduced the relevant period/date which is filled with different dates for the different business document as follows:

    • Sales Order Fill-up: Requested Date

    • Sales Order Issue: Issue Date (technically Requested Date)

    • Outbound Delivery: Shipment Date

    • Invoice: Invoice Date

    • Inbound Delivery (Returns): Delivery Date

    • Adjustments: Key Date

For a system demo please have a look at this video.