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About Test Automation tool: SAP S/4HANA Cloud provides a test tool that can help customers automate their testing during various phases of the projects and also during quarterly upgrade. This blog will help you to troubleshoot when your test process is not progressing as expected.

To access the application, one of the following roles are required:



Custom Test scripts: Test Automation tool is deployed with standard test scripts various scope items and end user can play around with the pre-delivered content. You can add the standard test processes directly to your test plan or copy them and customize the test processes according to your requirements. Test plan type will be changed to 'Custom' and these types are excluded from the cloud release. Certain functionalities in custom test plan may not work over the releases if there are some changes to the respective fiori application used in the test script.

How to identify deprecating fiori application?

Let us take an example of a custom test plan which is based on a fiori app and one of the actions is launching the application itself as shown below.

“Image/data in this Blog is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental.“

Application has deprecated in the newest release and our custom test plan will not work as the release changes are excluded for the type 'Custom'.

There are multiple ways you can find out that your application is deprecated and identify new application app-tag (semantic object and action).

  1. Go to Best Practice Explorer, click on details -> click on Test Script, it will download the file and in that document you can find your application and the Fiori Id (updated one which you can use in 3.b ), also you can find business catalog required (section 2.2): For example Best Practice Explorer for J59 (Release 2011): https://rapid.sap.com/bp/#/browse/scopeitemversions/J59/S4CLD/2011/DE

  2. App launcher information present in the Fiori App Library. Semantic Object can be found in the Target mapping section as shown below

  3. In home page of your application-> click help icon -> click on What’s New icon-> Here you will get updates about the application which will get deprecated in next release. For example see the following screenshot:

  4. URL link of the new fiori application contains the new application tag (Manual execution of the respective fiori app in the system). For example, launching the same application used in the custom test scripts in the system shows a different application tag as shown below

  5. Correction required in the Custom test script.

    Current application tag should be replaced to the new one manually using the application "Manage your test process".

    In the above example of the custom test plan, the value of the column "Label" has to be replaced with the new one.

    New semantic action and name for the fiori application after the release as shown below. (Picture taken from the fiori app library)

    Note: In some scenarios, you need to copy the functionalities again from the standard script or new recording needs to be performed if the design and logic of the respective fiori application has changed.

    Helpful articles : https://launchpad.support.sap.com/#/notes/2988203 , https://blogs.sap.com?p=22