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It feels like yesterday, when I wrote the blog post about the 2002 version of the Custom CDS Views app. In fact, 2002 had already been out for some time before I blogged about it. This time, I am just in time as 2005 will be rolled out within the next days. Time to give you a sneak preview:

What’s new in 2005?

This time it's not a completely new app and in fact there is only one major new feature. Well to be honest it's just a button - but an important one 🙂


With 2005 you can now "migrate" your custom CDS views to the new app. Migrating views makes views that were created with the old app visible and as well editable in the new app.

Migration is always optional. You are not forced to migrate your views! You can selectively migrate single (or multiple) views when you need them. Custom CDS Views that you created with the old app will not be deprecated if you decide to not migrate them. They will stay valid and working as they did before without restrictions. They do not have to be migrated to stay intact - not even if the old app is gone (which will anyhow not happen that soon as it is still used in on-premise).

Use the migration if you want to change an existing custom CDS view and want to make use of the features of the new app. Otherwise, you don't have to worry about it.

If you finally do decide to migrate a view, you have to know that migration is one way! Once migrated, the view can only be edited with the new app. It is still visible in the old app and can be previewed or used as a data source there.

Migration is possible with almost all views. There is only one exception: If a view has a required rework with a high priority, it has to be reworked using the old app before it can be migrated.

Publishing and transporting a migrated view is of course only necessary if you did make changes to it that you want to take effect.

[UPDATE March 2023] The old app is read only in the meantime and will be removed with 2308. We highly recommend to migrate your views before that time. A migration is now possible in almost every case. If it is not possible, please let us know (open a ticket) & we will help you. Please find more details in the blog post on the new app.

Improved Scenario Based Rules

There are more improvements under the hood as well of course. You might have noticed that we are continuously evolving our scenario based rules with each release. Scenario based rules and settings are one of the main reason why we introduced the more strict separation of the different scenarios in the first place: They make sure that each custom CDS view follows the rules, guidelines & recommendations for its specific scenario which results in an optimised performance, stability, reliability & security.

One of the new rules is, that analytical custom CDS views (the ones with cube or dimension scenario) that you publish with the new app will now adhere to the recommendations for data aging (according to SAP Note 2869647). As a result, they will then exclusively read current data which boosts performance and increases reliability at runtime.

Scenario specific modelling rules might appear more strict in the new app. So it may happen that you have to solve additional tasks before being able to publish a view with the new app, but this will improve your view’s correctness, functionality & stability.

Conclusion & Outlook

With this release, you can now finally use all of your Custom CDS views with the new app and take advantage of the new features like the easier filters, more comprehensive association conditions or parameters as well as the improved startup performance for large views.

This brings me to the outlook: You might have noticed that the convenient field search that was available in the old app did not make it to the new app yet, but we heard your feedback and will bring back a field search option in the 2008 version of the app*!

The field search is only one example where feedback from the community made it to our backlog. The SAP S/4HANA Cloud Integration Campaign is still ongoing, so if you have more ideas or requests, please make use of the campaign! You can post ideas or browse existing ideas and support or comment on them.

Of course you are also welcome to leave comments & ask questions right here!

At latest when we release the next Custom CDS Views app version in August you will hear back from me. In the meantime, I am also working on another modelling post that follows up on the Using Multiple Data Sources one from March.

Until then, stay tuned & healthy. Thanks for reading ?
* Please note that, unfortunately, I cannot make binding statements in regard to the scope of this development and when it will become available.