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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert


We were in the process of creating and Publishing a Custom Analytical Query in S4HANA Cloud and bringing the same datasource into SAP Analytics Cloud and there by creating a story/Model using Live Data Connection.

As you know, we have two types of connections in SAP Analytics Cloud: Live Data Connections and Import Connections

You can find yourself details in the link here.


The Custom Analytical Queries published in S4HANA Cloud(S4HANA Cloud) were not visible in SAP Analytics Cloud(SAC)


I created a Custom Analytical Query in S4HC 1811 enviroment using the data source I_CONSOLIDATIONGROUPRPTENHCDC

With respect to sticking to context, I will not be demonstrating how to create Custom Analytical Query as you can find the same in the link here.

But as you can see the Fig(1) depicted below, I created and Published a query and named the query as YY1_Consolidation_ECN_Test

Fig 1:

After succesully publishing the Query, please follow the steps below:

· Go to View Browser

· Search and Select the query you just created, I will use YY1_Consolidation_ECN_Test in my use case

· Create an application out of the query and follow the screenshots as depicted below.

Click View catalog

I used the catalog Analytics-KPI Design as this catlog is more specific to our use case as we are dealing Alnalytics reporting. Make sure the Catalogs gets published as it might take about 6-7 mins approx.

As soon as this is published, you’re good enough to get the same data source to refelct in SAC.

Please note that you should have access to SAC Enviornment as an Administrator/System Owner to Create new connection, in my use case, the requirement was to set up Live Coonection.

Here are steps on how to create Live Connection in SAC. Once you have set up the Live Connection, here are steps to create Models in SAC environment.

Step1: Go to Menu option and Click ‘Create’ à Model’

Step2: Get data from a Datasourceà Connect to Live Data

Step3: System type: SAP BW

Connection: ‘S4CON’ is my live Live Connection

Step 4: Select the data source by prefixing '2C' followed by name your query

Step 5: Create a Name for your model and provide a Description


Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions around.

Thank you! Amith Nair

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