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We have currently three reporting solutions available in SAP S/4 HANA Cloud:

  • Solution based on the Web Dynpro Data Grid (Web Dynpro UI Technology)

  • Solution based on SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

  • Solution based on the Design Studio Reporting Template (Fiori UI technology; but getting deprecated)

Most SAP Design Studio apps are no longer supported and will be deleted from the system as of SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2108. The Web Dynpro apps are the successor apps and they are already the default tiles on the SAP Fiori launchpad. We recommend that you switch to the successor apps as soon as possible.

You can continue to use Design Studio reports that you created using the View Browser. However, you can no longer create new ones. We recommend creating Web Dynpro reports instead.

The Web Dynpro Data Grid offers the following key features which are neither available in Design Studio nor in SAC:

  • Available for Desktop and Tablet devices

  • Fulfills SAP's Accessibility Standard

  • Offers a PDF Download functionality

  • Offers an option to add on the fly dimensions and measures from the data source (i.e. query need to have only the most important dimensions and measures)

  • Offers Exception Reporting

  • The Filters are shown in the header area of a Data Grid App and they offer a huge flexibility (no separate popup as we have it in Design Studio)

  • The Navigation Panel can be hidden (more space on the screen).

You can also find more details in the Blog : https://blogs.sap.com/2021/03/18/six-reasons-why-web-dynpro-is-better-than-design-studio-in-sap-s-4h...

Web Dynpro Reports

This blog does a deep dive into the steps involved in creating and working with the Web-dynpro report from the available data sources in SAP S/4 HANA Cloud using View Browser App and Custom Analytical Query App.

1.    Creating Web Dynpro Report using View Browser App

View Browser app gets you a list of all available CDS views and you can use the artifacts for analyzing the data ( More details ).

You can create and publish a tile to the catalog for released analytical queries with the Query category type. You can then open the published query as a separate application.

Now to create the Multi-Dimensional Report Using Web Dynpro Template follow the below steps.

1.1 Create Application

Select the analytical query, click on Create Application as shown in the snapshot below.

1.2 Maintain Language

You can see a popup to Maintain languages where you could provide the mandatory details and click on OK

Once you provide the same, you can find an application id created for the selected item.

1.3 Edit or Delete application

Click on the application ID to Edit or Delete it. If you click on edit it will allow you to change the Title and subtitle which you provided. And you can also choose from the available language list.


1.4 Click on Show Content to view the report

1.5 Click on the Navigation Panel to open the Designer

1.6 Explore Navigation Panel

You can view all the available fields and measures here. Drag and Drop the required fields as rows to view the desired data.

1.6 You can find a set of options to further refine the Data

1.7 Add the report as a Tile

Once you decide on the visualization or design of the report, you can add it as a tile on FLP and assign the same to business catalog for the desired user groups to access the same. You can also send it as a mail if the email notification is enabled.

1.8 Export the Report

It is also possible to export the same using the Export button available at top right.

1.9 Graphical Display

You can view the graphical representation of the chosen Data in the tab : Graphical Display .

1.10 Query Information

Details on the selected data source can be found here


2.    Creating Web Dynpro Report using Custom Analytical Query App

Custom Analytical Queries provides the fields required to design a query. You select the required fields and set filters for your query. You can add restricted measures, calculated measures, and preview the query results (More Details).

2.1 Select the Query from the list

2.2 Click on Preview to view the content

2.3 It will open up the multi-dimensional Web Dynpro report

2.4 Follow the steps from 1.4 to 1.10 to explore the report


Hope this blog is informative to you. Feel free to explore the feature and make the most out of it.

Additional Information

For Web Dynpro Data Grid related errors you should open messages on the component BW-RUI-FPM

For a complete list of deprecated Design Studio and their successor apps, see SAP Note 2997228