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Update : In our 1808 release we have provided ManageStandardInboundDeliveryNotificationIn and ManageThirdPartyOrderDeliveryNotificationIn webservices as standard via which you will be able to create  Inbound Delivery Notifications against standard purchase orders or third-party order processing purchase orders. For versions below 1808 you can use the below given setup to continue created delivery notifications.


Many of our customers have been reaching out to us requesting for an option to create and release Third-Party(TPOP) Inbound delivery notification via web-service. This blog will explain how you will be able to create a TPOP or a standard IDN through web-service.


You should create a communication arrangement with the communication scenario "Input of Advanced Shipping Notification". Make sure that the "Application Protocol" field has the value Web Service and not SAP NetWeaver XI 3.0. The value in this field would be SAP NetWeaver by default. You will have to change the value to Web-service by entering the value 5 in the Application Protocol field.

Once you hit enter the value will be update to Web Service as shown in the screen shot below.

Once the communication arrangement is created and is active, navigate to the  Edit Advanced Settings screen of the same communication arrangement to access the Service URL and the WSDL via which we will execute the scenario.

Third Party Inbound Delivery Notification:

Use the below XML format to create Inbound Delivery notification for your Third-Party Purchase order. Additional fields/tags can be added from the WSDL file that you have downloaded from the newly created communication arrangement

I have provided the above XML is text format so that it is possible to copy the payload from here.

<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap=”http://www.w3.org/2003/05/soap-envelope” xmlns:glob=”http://sap.com/xi/SAPGlobal20/Global”>
<InternalID schemeID=”CommunicationPartyID” schemeAgencyID=”_LOCAL_SYSTEM_ALIAS_SAP_INTERNAL_CONSTANT_VALUE_”>Partner_ID</InternalID>
<!–Communication Partner Id(available from Communication Arrangement) :–>
<InternalID schemeID=”CommunicationPartyID” schemeAgencyID=”_LOCAL_SYSTEM_ALIAS_SAP_INTERNAL_CONSTANT_VALUE_”>Company_ID</InternalID>
<!–Company ID :–>
<DeliveryDespatchAdvice reconciliationPeriodCounterValue=”1″ actionCode=”01″>
<ID>IDN_ID</ID> <!– Delivery Notification Id :–>
<TypeCode>TPDI</TypeCode> <!– Code Indicated the IDN should be created for Third Party Purchase Order :–>
<!–Supplier Id :–>
<!–Ship-To Party :–>
<ID>10</ID> <!– Line Item Id for IDN :–>
<TypeCode>14</TypeCode> <!– Do not Change :–>
<DeliveryQuantity unitCode=”EA”>10</DeliveryQuantity> <!– Quantity:–>
<DeliveryQuantityTypeCode>EA</DeliveryQuantityTypeCode> <!– UoM Code :–>
<BuyerID>Product_ID</BuyerID> <!– Product Id :–>
<ID>PO_ID</ID> <!– Purchase Order Id :–>
<TypeCode>001</TypeCode> <!– Do not Change :–>
<ItemID>1</ItemID> <!– corresponding line item id in purchase order :–>

Once the above XML is executed you can see that the system would have created and released a TPOP Inbound delivery notification.

Standard Inbound Delivery Notification:

You can use the below XML code to create an inbound delivery notification for a standard Purchase Order.  The only difference you will find is for the value inside the tag <TypeCode>SD</TypeCode> . The rest of the values are identical to the above provided XML.

You can add the tags as per your requirement to the above XML. If there are any more queries on the same please do reach out to me in the comments section.