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Tax number validation is available in SAP Business ByDesign for SAP country/region versions for certain tax number types only. This blog describes how to use the SAP Cloud Applications Studio to implement tax number validation rules for countries/regions and tax number types that are not supported by SAP Business ByDesign.

You can also enhance the existing validation rules for the tax numbers for SAP localized country/region versions.


  • You have installed the latest studio release for creating the validation logic for the Tax Number Type.

  • The country/region you want to configure is available in the tax country table already delivered by SAP. For the list of delivered tax countries/regions, see Tax Basic Countries/Regions.

Note: You can only create tax content for the countries/regions included in this list. If a country/region is not listed here, please contact SAP Business ByDesign Globalization team through Customer Influence and mark the area as ‘Globalization’ in the idea.


Following are the steps to implement the tax number validation :

  1. Create a Tax Number Validation Implementation

  2. Provide Messages


     Create a Tax Number Validation Implementation

  1. To create a new solution, right click on My Solutions and click on Create Solution.



  1. The system opens a new window. Enter a Description and Detailed Description, under Deployment Unit select Financials and also provide Company, Contact Person and E-Mail for your solution.


  1. In the Solution Explorer, right-click on Add-on Solution, select Add and select New Item. The system opens the Add New Item window



  1. Choose Enhancement Implementation and provide a name for your Enhancement implementation. Click Add.



  1. The Create Enhancement Implementation pop-up will appear. From the Namespace drop-down menu, select http://sap.com/xi/AP/Common/Global


  1. Under Enhancement Option, select TaxNumberValidation and click OK.

          Note: You need not specify a value for Business Object.



  1. Your Enhancement Implementation will now appear in the Solution Explorer. Click on the Enhancement Implementation Filter and enter the country/region code of the country/region for which you wish to implement the tax number validation.


  1. Your Enhancement Implementation will have an .absl file where you can write a code to validate the tax number. A country/region may have multiple tax number types that can be validated using the same Enhancement Implementation.

          The Enhancement Implementation Filter will be only the country/region code, and the validations for the various tax number types must be done in an if-else-if block or switch condition.



  1. Save and activate the solution. When you deploy this add-on, you can validate the tax numbers for non-localized countries/regions. You can also enhance the existing validation rules for the tax numbers for localized country/region versions provided by SAP.

     Provide Messages

In the Enhancement Implementation code, you must add the following details in the  TaxNumberCheckOutputDataTablePSM. table to display a message relevant for each tax number:

•              NodeID : Each row in the input table has a NodeID denoting a particular tax number. The same must be filled for the output table to display error messages for each tax number.
•              Message text

•              Severity of the message (E-Error, S-Success, W-Warning, I-Information)

Do not use the “Raise” statement to provide a message.


Save and activate the changes. In the SAP Business ByDesign system, when you enter the tax number, the system displays the corresponding messages that you have created.


When you deploy the add-on that you have created, you can validate tax numbers provided for the non-localized country/region, for which SAP has not delivered a local version in the following work centers :

  • Supplier Base -> Supplier -> Financial Data -> Tax Data

  • Tax Management -> Tax Authority -> Company Tax Arrangement

  • Account management > Accounts > Financial Data -> Tax Data

Note that this solution does not allow you to validate the tax numbers in the Expense and Reimbursement Management and Organizational Management work centers.


Please share your feedback or thoughts in the comments section below.

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