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Hello ,

While working in S4HANA CLOUD Implementation project , I came across the requirement to build a report , and then create an app out of it . This app needs to be assigned to a specific catalog and a role.

In my previous blog post I have mentioned the steps to create CDS view and build analytical query from it. Please find below the link.


In this blogpost I will share the step how we can create an app and assign a catalog and Role to it , so that it can be used by other responsible person.

  1. Open the app View Browser and click on Basic

      2.  Search for the analytical query /CDS view that you have created.

     3.  Select and click on Create Application. The pop up to provide the Title and Subtitle for the app comes up.

     4. You will get the message App created and an App ID will be visible next to the query .

    5. Click on the app ID and select View in Catalog.

6. Select the catalog in which you want to add the app .

7. Click on Publish.And select OK.

8. After it is published go to the app Business catalog and search the catalog which you used in the last step.


9. Go inside the catalog . In the application section you can see the app that we created.


So to conclude whichever user has a role that has the above catalog will be able to use the app PO reference .

Thank you for taking out time to read this blog. Any comments or feedback will be appreciated.