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With ByDesign release 1902 we are releasing a very important usability enhancement. Many customers did ask for this functionality.

It is about being able to copy changes you do in an invoice schedule item to another invoice schedule item in customer contracts.

Use Case

To run subscription business scenarios in ByDesing customers usually make use of customer contracts with invoice schedules. One example could be software licenses for a cloud product or service like Spotify, Netflix or even ByDesign. When creating the invoice schedule for a customer contract you can now copy the details form one invoice schedule item to others. This is very helpful for example if you are invoicing differently than monthly and you would like to update the invoice schedule items.

To learn more about this usability features just look into this video or follow the steps described below.


  1. Go to work center “Sales Order” and work center view contracts.

  2. Click the button “new” and then “contract”.

  3. Enter a customer on field “account name”.

  4. Go to the tab. Items and enter a service with fixed price. The Quantity should be a time-based quantity like month, day, year etc.

  5. In the details of the item you should now be able to select the flag called “price per period”. This means the price you choose is valid for the time you select in the field quantity. The total invoiced amount depends on the validity period of the contract. An invoice schedule is mandatory if you select the “price per period” flag.

  6. Got to tab. “Pricing and Invoicing” and there to “Invoice Schedule”.

  7. Press the button “Add” to add a new invoice schedule by selecting the item with the value help.

  8. Press the button “add date” to start creating the schedule. Add several dates.

  9. Update the price or quantity.

  10. Press the button “copy to all dates”.

  11. All open invoice schedule items should get updated. The price and quantity should be the same for all items.