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Welcome to this blog post on Convergent Billing (1MC)


Collective processing allows to create single follow up document for multiple preceding documents. For example, create a single invoice for multiple deliveries or create single deliveries for multiple sales orders based on the specific common characteristics. These characteristics are Payer, billing date, Terms of Payment. Up until now these preceding documents are from the sales application area.


SAP S/4 HANA now provide functionality to combine billing data from other SAP application area as well as from external data source to create a single invoice and present to customer. In order to create single invoice both SAP application and external data set must have common characteristics such as sold to party and sales organization.


We can create single invoice out of below process

  1. Create billing documents using data from Professional Services and external billing data

  2. Create billing documents using data from Sell from Stock and external billing data

  3. Create billing documents using data from Sell from Stock, Professional Services, and external billing data


External billing document request object used to create billing data from external system to our SAP S/4 HANA system.



Scenario – For demo purpose In this case we are combining a sell from stock invoice and external billing together and form a single invoice.


1. Sell from Stock

Sales Order : 22311


Subsequent Delivery document 80012879 is created for the order  22311


2. External Billing document Request : I have used ‘Test Billing Document Request API’ for testing purpose.





Billing Document Request (EBDR) : 1000003583


3.Open Create billing document app (Billing Due list)

Search for documents based on below parameter in below case we have gone with billing date.



Selected the Delivery document and External Billing document request for which you want to create  a single invoice and click on “Create Billing Documents” tab from the Menu bar.



Select the Billing Document Type and Billing Date and click on Ok






A single Invoice is created having both the items from Delivery and External billing. We can navigate to Process flow tab as below for details info about the complete cycle.





Thanks for reading this blog post. Hopefully the blog post was informative. Please do let us know in case you have any question or query about this process in our Q&A community : here



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