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Update February 2019: See also


Dear all,

Our Continuous Influence Session (CIS) URL “Influence.sap.com/SAPBusinessOneImprovements” speaks for itself - Anyone who deals with SAP Business One should immediately know how this connection with the market works.
CIS is extremely useful for everyone involved, demonstrating customer and partner driven innovation and collaboration with SAP.

With this blog, I’d like to draw your attention to some updates:

1. The platform is running great!
Since the migration from Idea Place to Customer Influence in September 2017, we continue to collect a lot of Improvement Requests (IRs) from you, our ecosystem, and our team scans and validates all incoming requests. Recently, we have also managed to implement some favorite IRs of our ecosystem in latest or upcoming patches.

2. Search Function Significantly Improved!
Many improvements and corrections have been incorporated. The search now shows all relevant IRs, and only those within the specific influence opportunity. By using the filter options, everyone can now find exactly what they are looking for!
Note on keyword searches: Please use sorting by 'Relevance' (makes an important difference!). It's also planned to be preselected as default setting by march, before this update of the platform you should still select it manually.

3. New Functions: Auto-vote / Auto-follow IRs
a) When submitting new improvement requests, the IR author automatically votes for his/her request.
b) All voters automatically follow the request(s) and get notifications on updates.

4. A call at the end: Raise your voice!
As mentioned, collecting IRs works well already. CIS supports a fair, global and structured action; the voting principle allows for an objective consideration and prioritization. What can be even better is the number of your votes. We need to have much more votes to give your requests more meaning! We are in mass business with more than 60,000 customers, every meaningful idea should easily reach more than 100 votes! This way, we can better balance between the issues, get significant investments and distribute them smarter. So, please vote for your favorite and relevant Improvement Requests!

For the records:

For specific questions, suggestions, or issues of administration / moderation you can also contact me directly via message.

Thank you and best regards,

Peter Hartwich,
SAP Business One Product/Solution Management