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In this blog, you’re going to read about the new configuration capability for billing plan types that can be used for service contracts in SAP S/4HANA Cloud. Previously, those configuration fields were display only. You can also learn from this blog how to configure the setting step by step.

Business Scenario

As we explained in the previous blog How Periodic Billing Plan is Generated for Service Contract Items, the periodic billing plan is pre-configured by SAP as follows:

Days in Month 30
Days in Year 360

These settings work with the Monthly Fee price condition pre-delivered by SAP as PSI1. They decide how the billing values are calculated in billing plans of service contracts. However, they are not suitable for some special cases:

  1. When you use yearly price condition and expect the same price for both normal years and leap years.

  2. When you use yearly price condition but want prices calculated according to days contained in the year.

As of SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2302.1, we offer you the new configuration capability so that a configuration expert can configure the days in month and days in year according to your business requirements.


For case 1, we suggest you change the settings “Days in Month” and “Days in Year” to empty.

For case 2, we suggest you change the setting “Days in Year” from 360 to 365.

How To

To configure the days, a configuration expert can go to the corresponding configuration environment.

  1. As a key user, you can go to the Manage Your Solution app to configure your solution.

Fig.1 Configure Your Solution

  1. Go to Billing Plan under Service -> General Settings. Click on Step Define Billing Plan Types with the Configure action.

Fig. 2 Configuration Step

Note that if you use the SAP Central Business Configuration,  you can directly search for the configuration activity Define Billing Plan Types.

  1. In the configuration activity, you select the Billing Plans and find the entry for your periodic billing plan. As you can see from the entry, its current days in month and days in year is 30 and 360 respectively.

Fig. 3 Periodic Billing Plan

  1. Double click on the selected billing plan to enter the detailed data page. From here you can change the settings according to your case.

Fig. 4 Control Data for Creation of Dates

  1. After changing the settings, a customer service manager can go to the Manage Service Contracts app to check your billing plans.


In this blog, we explained the business scenarios that two configuration settings "days in month" and "days in years" affect. With the new configuration capability as of SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2302.1, you can configure those settings for your service contract billing plans  according to your own business requirements. We also recommended solutions to some already known cases. As usual, a step-by-step demonstration was provided at the end, explaining how to make the configuration settings in the system.

If you have any questions about the topic, feel free to ask questions in Q&A forum of SAP Community or leave your comments below.

Additional Information

For more information about service contracts, read our product assistance Manage Service Contracts in the SAP Help Portal.
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