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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert


Sometimes you notice a mismatch of data which should be in sync with Customer/Vendor and Business Partner. This tool compares different data like address and tax data. This tool will show differences at field level.

This tool is available at ECC 6.0 and SAP S/4HANA.


To launch the Compare Tool for Master Data Synchronization, use transaction MDS_COMPARE_TOOL.

Run Analysis

With starting the transaction you will see following screen:

The tool offers all 4 options you may know from BP conversion with Synchronization Cockpit (transaction MDS_LOAD_COCKPIT).

After selection of a comparison direction out of the 4 given options you will see the following selection screen:

At selection screen you can select specific

  • Business Partner Types

  • Business Partner Groupings

  • Business Partners

On the right hand side you will find data sets which should be checked. Following data sets are available:

  • Address

  • Bank Details

  • Credit Card Details

  • Industry Codes

  • Tax Data

  • Relationship data

There are to options to run the comparison

  1. Run in dialog mode (marked in red)

  2. Run in background (marked in green)

If you run the tool in background you will find the report result and download result as Excel spreadsheet.

If you run in dialog mode you will see a comparison status overview.

If you double-klick at the entry with status red you will see more details of inconsistent data.

With double-klick at Business Partner and red marked line 'Address' you can see inconsistencies at field level. In this case there is a difference at field 'REMARK'. This field corresponds to field 'Comment' at BP address view.

Correct the data

To correct the data there are two options:

  1. Manual correction

  2. Use Synchronization Cockpit (transaction MDS_LOAD_COCKPIT)

Manual correction

Double-klick at red marked line and you will navigate into BP transaction to correct the data manually.

Use Synchronization Cockpit (transaction MDS_LOAD_COCKPIT)

You can copy Business Partner numbers for selection at Synchronization Cockpit (transaction MDS_LOAD_COCKPIT).

In case of background processing, export the results as spreadsheet. You can also export the results as spreadsheet in the input format used in the Synchronization Cockpit (transaction MDS_LOAD_COCKPIT).

Check after data correction

Run MDS_COMPARE_TOOL again and check correction result.

With double-klick at field line you will navigate to BP transaction where you can see corrected data as well.


You can adjust the settings for the Compare Tool for Master Data Synchronization in Customizing under

Cross-Application Components -> Master Data Synchronization -> Compare Tool for Master Data Synchronization.

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