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Maybe you are like many customers who need to add a specific functionality to your existing SAP system. Very often customers end up with complex in-house development projects because the desired capability is too hard to obtain from a regular software update or upgrade.

Having the ability to rapidly individualize or extend the business system to very specific needs of your enterprise and perfectly support the business processes still is a big deal.

But for some cases, the last thing you want is a complex implementation or development project. It would be perfect to just be able to subscribe to a specific service, use the functionality and just check the problem off as “solved”.

And you probably think that you are not alone with that requirement.

The good news is, this idea was picked up and your wish has come true!


The Foundation

The SAP Cloud Platform (formerly known as SAP HANA Cloud Platform) is setting the foundation to create fantastic extension apps in a high-speed manner, running in the cloud and perfectly integrating to your SAP ERP or S/4HANA system.


The Extensions

Partners and SAP developed already a bunch of those specific apps called ‘Cloud Extensions’.

And even more there is a growing number of specialized apps, each one designed to solve a specific business challenge. So, let’s stay tuned – there is more coming!



The Unique/Value

Enjoy the Benefits of the Cloud and new innovative business logic while keeping your core stable!

Enjoy a flawless rapid deployment of the complementing new capabilities in the cloud.

Quick start, Easy to use, subscription based and with a seamless integration to your existing system landscape.

Built-in maintenance with automatic adaption according new needs (e.g. changing third party interfaces).

Flexible scalability according to your changing needs.


The Architecture

The Innovative new hybrid architecture goes beyond known “hybrid models”. It’s not only integrated but makes use of a secure central storage of core data and documents in finance backend for effective analytics but additionally interacts with existing functions in your backend. So, it adds new functions while using your existing data storage and functional backend and avoids data- or functional duplication.

As a result, the replication-free, real-time integration to robust ERP processes opens new options and high speed transactions and reports.


The Available

To give you an idea of what’s possible I want to give you a short overview of some of the Apps for finance professionals:


Cloud for customer payments: Connect and collaborate with you customers to simplify billing process and accelerate payment processing [learn more here]

Cloud for Credit Integration: Flawlessly connect to your Credit agencies to get your customers credit rating updated in your backend automatically. Watch Demo

Financial Statement insights: Enables finance professionals to reveal hidden trends and leverage unused potential from financial information by performing personalized ad-hoc analysis of financial statements in real-time. Watch Demo

Cash Application with Machine Learning: Boost-up your invoice matching process with an intelligent self-learning innovation.

Corporate Real Estate Management: Streamline your corporate real estate management process and solve IFRS16 challenges. Learn more here


Live Experience

Want to see some Cloud Extensions live on stage?

Visit us on SAPPHIRE NOW, Finance Campus, some sessions hand selected for you:

Intelligent Financial Operations Demo Station (BA344)

Cloud Solutions from SAP (BA342)

Shorten the Invoice-to-Cash Process to Enhance Cash Flow (BA43369/BA330)

Comply More Efficiently and Effectively with New Lease Accounting Standards (BA43506)

Optimize Corporate Real Estate Management in the Cloud (HC50627)

Improve Cash Flow and Finance Efficiency with Extreme Automation (BA43392)