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As you might remember we have enabled the change of production order start and end dates for already started production orders with release 2011.

With the new release 2102 we now also allow to change the planned output and component quantities of already started production orders. As a result, the planned and open quantities of all related production tasks are adjusted, and a rescheduling of production tasks is triggered in case of quantity-dependent (variable) task duration. This includes all task type, be it make, supply, or check tasks.

Also, these changes will be reflected in supply planning by updating the output and component quantities and dates.

Let’s have a look at this in more detail. In the following you see a production order with a supply task, three production tasks and a final inspection for an output quantity of 10 ea.

I have already confirmed the supply task and did a partial confirmation for the first make task for 6 ea.

You can see the remaining open quantity of 4 ea for the first make task and of 10 ea for all other tasks.

Next, I change the planned production order quantity from 10 ea to 6 ea, and in addition I reduce the planned quantity of component SR100101. As a result, the planned quantities, duration and dates are adjusted in the production order.

Also, the corresponding tasks are updated:

Finally, dates and quantities are also updated in supply planning for the finished good

as well as for the components:

With that, adjustment of production schedules is now easier and more straightforward.

For more information including a system demo please also watch my video.