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Data is a vital part of any testing which needs to be done, more so when we are working with automated scripts. To reap the maximum benefit out of the automation suite built by our end users, we need the same scripts to run using different datasets to validate different scenarios. There was a need to have a mechanism to supply the data in a feasible format to the automated test scripts.  

This is the need which Test Data Container (abbreviated as TDC) application fulfils. The addition of TDC’s to the testing environment allows you to separate your test data even from a particular test process and stand as an independent container, increasing the potential for reusing this data. The centralization and modularization of the data leads to reducing the amount of effort required to create consistent automated test cases across the whole scope of a particular test project. Since test data containers are extensible, you can even reuse them across several releases by adding additional parameters and sets of data as required.  

Test Data Container(TDC) application is offered as an independent app in  SAP S/4HANA cloud solution, with built in integration for Manage Your Test Processes (MYTP) and Test Your Processes (TYP). It is available in the same space and role as SAP S/4HANA Cloud Test Automation tool . Test Data Container is defined as re-usable, referenceable and easily consumable data set holder to support a multi-variant, multi-scenario approach for test data sets to be used in test automates. 



  • Central repository – with reusable Test Data Templates based on functional areas.​ 

  • Test data management – Single source of test data as per end-user test/business flow 

  • Re-usable Test Data Container that can hold multiple data sets 

  • Integrated with the existing Test Automation tool 

  • Test data categorized into Master /Org /Transaction data for ease the consumption 


Components of Test Data Container 


Hierarchical view

  • Templates  

Test Data Templates are delivered based on functional areas that contain fields that are part of that functional area. These fields are part of a global repository and hence are unique to their properties. Users can use these templates to create a Test Data Container. 

  • Test Data Container 

Test Data Containers are structural entities that contain fields from different areas and have their characteristics. The fields in the Test Data Container can be part of the templates that are delivered or can be custom fields that are added by the user manually. The Test data container can be Standard or Custom. SAP delivers Standard Test Data Containers that can be used out of the box and reused as needed. In addition to these, the user can create his own Test Data Containers. 

  • Test Data Container using Template Fields 

Test data container can be created using fields from the templates. The templates are specific to the area they belong to and contain the fields from the respective area. The selection of fields is made easy for the user with the scope item filter. Using the scope item filter, the user can filter out the fields in the template that belong to certain scope items. This makes the creation of a Test Data Container an easy process.  

  • Test Data Container using Custom Fields 

Along with the fields from the templates, Test Data Containers can also be created with the help of custom fields. The custom fields here are the fields that are not part of the templates or any user-created fields. Before adding the custom fields to the Test Data Container, the custom fields should be first maintained in the system. This can be done using the Manage Custom Fields where the user can add the fields to the TDC field repository. 


  • Test Data Container Variants 

Test Data Container variants are data variants created for Test Data Containers. These variants hold data sets for the fields part of the TDC. These datasets are specific to a country and company code combination and multiple variants can be created for a Test Data Container. 



Integration With SAP S/4HANA Cloud Test Automation Tool

  • Integration with Test Your Process (TYP) App

Test Data Containers can be integrated with the Test Plans in the Test Your Process (TYP) app. The user has to attach the Test Data Containers with the Test Plan. After doing this, the user can bind the fields of the Test Data Container with the Fields in the Test Plan. Binding of fields is made easier with the help of auto bind feature which binds all the fields in a single click. Later, the Test Data Container variant is attached with the Data Variants. During the execution of the Test Plan, the values from the Test Data Container Variant will be used instead of the default values.

  • Integration with Manage Your Test Processes (MTYP) App 

The Test Data Containers can also be integrated with the processes in the Manage Your Test Processes (MYTP) app. The user can bind the Test Data Containers with the Test Process and then bind the fields from Test Data Container with the fields from Test Process Steps. When the user adds the Test Process to a test plan, all these binding references are carried with it. The same would happen when a Test Process Step is added to a Test Process

To conclude, Test Data Container (TDC) eases the test data management by enabling the user to manage all the test data centrally, supports multiple data sets and provides the capability to reuse the same test data in multiple test automates. Also, it has simple and easy to understand Integration with Manage Your Test Processes (MYTP) and Test Your Processes (TYP) applications of SAP S/4HANA Cloud Test Automation Tool. So, go ahead and start exploring what Test Data Container has to offer you.

Do let me know in the comment session if you have any queries related to Test Data Container (TDC) or would like to suggest some improvements. Please check out the links mentioned below for further information.

Useful Links  

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