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Majority of the shipping process (outbound process) in ByDesign are modeled as a single step process consisting of Pick operation. The customers who needs much more tighter control on their shipping process choose to configure the two step shipping process. We will discuss the cancellation of an outbound delivery when two step shipping process is used in this blog.   Lets start with the most obvious question,

What is two-step shipping process?

In  two step shipping process, the processes can be modeled consisting of two operations the Pick and the Load operations; Picking the goods from the storage bins to place them in the staging area and Loading the goods from staging area to the transport vehicle. The operations are maintained in the logistics models along with the task steps to complete them.

How do I maintain two-step shipping process in the logistics model?

  1. Go to Warehousing and Logistics Master Data work center.

  2. Navigate to the Logistics Models view.

  3. Choose the New button, in the pop-up screen select the Logistics Model Template value as "Template for two-step shipping with pick and load".

  4. Enter the model ID of your choice (ABC represents the logistics model Id ), select the site for which you want the two-step shipping process to be implemented and choose the OK button. 

  5. The system will create a logistics model ABC with status as Check Pending. Select this logistics model and choose the Edit button

  6. In the edit screen use the Check button to check for any inconsistencies and if there are none, choose the Save and Release button.

Once you have performed the above steps you will have successfully configured two-step shipping for the relevant site.

How is two-step process different form one-step shipping?


Process flow for one-step shipping.

In one-step shipping process while confirming the Pick Task you would have noticed that the Target Logistics area field remains non-editable. This is to indicate that the product is directly loaded into the truck from its storage location/bin.


Process flow for two-step shipping

In two step process the pick task will have a value updated Target Logistics area which is configured as your staging area for shipping. This is the area which will be used in your company to pack the item, perform quality check on the item etc.

Once the pick task is confirmed the Load task needs to be confirmed and the confirmation of the load task will trigger the Outbound delivery to be created and Released either manually or automatically based on the settings maintained in your system.

Now lets discuss on how do we perform a reversal/cancellation of an outbound delivery when it is confirmed via two steps process. This process is a bit different from the process that we follow for single step process, and how we cancel single step outbound delivery can be found in the KBA document "1381358 - Reversal of Outbound Delivery" .

Cancellation of Two Step Outbound Delivery.

Please follow the below given steps.

  • Change the Release Status of your outbound delivery to Not Released.

  • Navigate to Warehouse Order view and navigate to Edit screen of the warehouse order for our outbound delivery.

  • In the Edit screen choose the button Adjustment Confirmation

  • In the adjustment confirmation screen you will see that entries against Pick and Load operation. The entry against Pick operation will not have Enable Entry button enabled.

  • The button will be enabled only for Load Operation.

  • Select one of the material in the warehouse order and choose the Enable Entry button. You will see that the Quantity Difference field has become enabled and also the Split Quantities button.

  • Choose the button Split Quantities. You can see a new line item created here. You have to remove the entry in the field Source Logistics area  of the new line item.

  • Enter the Source Logistics Area of the Pick Operation for the product in the Logistics Area field of the new line item  cleared in the above step.

  • Enter the negative value of the originally fulfilled quantity in the Quantity Difference field and Save the changes.

  • Do the same Enable Entry --> Split Quantities --> Change Logistics Area steps for any other product in the document. I have attached the screen shot for the second product also below for your reference.


  • The above step is performed for all the products in the document and Saved.Then Cancel option will be enabled in your outbound delivery document. You can cancel the outbound delivery without errors.


Note: The reason why you have to perform the Split and change in logistics area for the Load Operation is because the Enable Entry option will be available only for one operation and if you directly perform adjustment confirmation without changing the logistics area the stock will remain back in the Staging area tagged to your warehouse. You will not be able to perform any logistics process on the stock and will be in erroneous state permanently.  So please make sure you follow the steps mentioned above clearly to make sure you cancel the outbound delivery with two step shipping process without errors.

If you have any additional queries on the above steps please do comment them below. I will address them at the earliest.


Disclaimer: Image/data in this post is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental.