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With the SAP S/4HANA Cloud 1805 release, Manage Payment Formats, came with a new Calculation Functionality. It provides you functionality to perform simple mathematical operations.

This would become handy for example if you need items numbered in the output file.

Calculations are done by variables, calculations node and possibility if variable mapping in the nodes.


Variables are defined in the header of the tree. There is new tab called Variables. There you can define required variables which will be used later in the calculation nodes or nodes where they can be mapped.

You have to specify

  • Name of the variable

  • Data type

  • Initial value

Name of the variable

Name of the variable can contain all letters except the space.Variables are case insensitive.

Data type

Currently supported data type is Number which represents whole numbers. Result of the calculations is whole number.

Variable initial value

For data type Number, you must set value from set of whole numbers.

Calculation nodes

Calculation nodes groups mathematical operations which are performed on variables. Current solution supports mathematical operation with one or two parameters. There are several predefined operations which might be used.


Important part of the operation are parameters. There is possibility of selection of four source types of parameters.

Source type Description
Constant User can insert numeric constant as a parameter
Structure field

User can choose field from available structures in DMEEX such as:

-        Structures assigned for tree type

-        Tree dependent structures

-        System structure
Reference node User can access to node value through node reference
Variable User can choose other variable defined in the header as a part of the formula


Left side of a formula is always variable which is updated and can be reused later within tree.


Operation is a tool which can modify variable value in a certain way.

Operation Description
ABS Returns absolute value of a variable
/ Returns result of division of two parameters
- Returns result of subtraction of two parameters
MOD Finds the remainder after division of two parameters
* Returns result of multiplying of two parameters
+ Returns result of addition of two parameters

Variable mapping

There is a new option of variable mapping.

You can access variable value during the whole execution of tree. You can select only from variables defined in the header of the tree. List of variables are available through match code on source screen.

Variables in conditions

You can also use variables in the conditions of the nodes. Similarly, as variable mapping you can select variable on one side of condition and compare it to variable or other value (constant, structure or reference node).


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Will the calculation functionality be useful in your workflow? Please, let us know in the comment section below.