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Hello everyone,

For many of our SME customers, calculating payroll is outsourced to a payroll consultant. The HR administrator sends the payroll consultant the list of data that is relevant for payroll calculation every payroll period. This often required them to send employee master data updates like changes to bank accounts, personal data like the marital status, address information etc. Since a lot of this information could be updated by employees via the Employee Self Service, it was a challenge for administrators to know exactly what had changed.

Last year, i had written a blog post about a report "Internal Employee Details" that could help identify which employees had their master data updated. Once the employees are identified, the administrator would have to navigate to their personnel file to know exactly what changes were done.

With the 2005 release, we make this process even easier - we have a new report, by name "Internal Employee Changes" (data source HCMPAV01) - using which we can mostly eliminate the need for the administrator to navigate to the personnel file of an employee.

Towards the end of every payroll period, the administrator can open up the Internal Employee Changes Report, and using the search attribute "Change Date", they can enter a date range specific to the payroll period, or a Relative Value like "Current Month" and execute the report. The result would be the list of attributes that have changed in the time frame specified - along with the date / time when it was changed, who changed these attributes, the change from the old to the new values, and whether this is a new entry made, or it is an update. It also specifies if an attribute was deleted by the user.

The HR administrator can download this data to excel, modify it to a suitable format, and send it across to the payroll consultant.

Currently, this report caters to master data changes for employee personal data, private address, payment information & bank account details, as well as work agreement changes. Please note that if you would want to track those employees who were Hired or Rehired in the system, you can use the report Employee Life-cycle Events.

This report is present in the Personnel Administration Work center. Please look up the detailed documentation on help.sap.com for Business ByDesign for more details regarding this report. If you have use cases where you would like additional master data attributes that are relevant for payroll, to be tracked for changes in this report, please create an improvement request on our Influence portal

Thanks a lot for reading !