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SAP is going to introduce new Inbound E-mail infrastructure and features for SAP Business ByDesign (ByD). This update delivers industry standards in E-mail security and supports enhanced E-mail policies as part of our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement in SAP ByD.

What are the upcoming changes?

  • Inbound E-mails sent to your SAP ByD Tenants will be received by the new E-mail Infrastructure and will be relayed to your respective systems.

  • Following Checks are done on the new Infrastructure: Anti-Virus & Anti Spam and Malware Protection

Note: This change is only relevant for the “Inbound Business E-mails” path to your SAP ByD tenant and doesn't affect the general availability of your SAP ByD instance(s) or the “Outbound Business E-mails” path or the “Mass E-Mail” routing.

Actions to be taken by customer

  • No steps or action required from customer side.

What remains unchanged?

  • Your SAP ByD Recipient E-mail address will remain unchanged.
    Note: These changes are not relevant for Bulk/Mass E-mails in context of marketing campaigns sent to SAP ByD.

Current Behavior

There are two types of Inbound E-mail scenarios in SAP ByD:

1) Inbound Business E-mails: E-mail messages sent for Tickets, customer invoice, service request etc. are all referred to Business E-mail scenarios

  •  Here E-mails are relayed from Customer Infra/End User - Cyren (Mail Service Provider) - Sophos gateway (SAP Network) - ByD (SAP Network).

  •  Inbound Business E-mails are routed to the respective technical address.  For example: invoice.exception@myXXXXXX.mail.sapbydesign.com, etc.

  •  Anti-Virus & Anti Spam, etc. checks are done at Business E-mail Service Provider Infra for Inbound E-mails to SAP ByD.

2) Inbound Bulk/Mass E-mails: E-mail messages sent through Marketing/Campaign are referred as Bulk/Mass E-mails

  • Here inbound E-mails are relayed from Customer Infra/End User - Bulk E-mail Service Provider - ByD (SAP Network)

  • Though there is no valid direct Inbound Bulk E-mail scenarios, there are few scenarios where these E-mails are routed to the respective ByD technical address (Example scenarios: Un-Subscribing to Mass/Bulk E-mails, Out of Office auto replies)

Note - E-mail service provider for Business E-mail and for Bulk E-mails are different.

New Behavior

1) Business E-mails: E-mail messages sent for Tickets, customer invoice, service request etc. are all referred to Business E-mail scenarios

  • Business E-mails are relayed from Customer Infra/End User - CES Servers(Cloud) - CISCO devices(SAP Network) - ByD (SAP Network)

  • Following checks are done on the new E-mail infrastructure: Anti-Virus & Anti SPAM and Malware Protection

2) Bulk/Mass E-mails - The bulk E-mail scenario remains the same for now.


             Data Center Inbound E-Mail switch for both Production and Test Environment
Shanghai 17-Aug-20
Sydney 19-Oct-20
New Town Square 19-Oct-20
Frankfurt 19-Oct-20
St. Leon Rot 19-Oct-20


1) Is there any action or steps to be taken by customer for this change?

NO action or steps required from customer side

2) Can this change be implemented in Test environment first and then implemented in Prod Environment?

No, this is not possible as there is a technical dependency (i.e.: MX record for domains - mail.sapbydesign.com / mail.sapbyd.cn are on wildcard and not on individual domains)

3) Why is the migration planned on a working day and not in CMP hours?

This change doesn't affect the availability of your SAP ByD Tenant nor any E-mail functionality and the migration can be done live.

4) Inbound E-mails with the following attachment types will get Truncated and the body of the E-mail will still be allowed, attachment types that are not allowed are listed below

Emails containing one of the following file types currently fall into the category dangerous attachment and the attachment gets truncated whereas the original E-mail gets through to your ByD System
ade, adp, app, asp, bas, bat, bhx, cab, ceo, chm, cmd, com, cpl, crt, csr, der, exe, fxp, hlp, hta, inf, ins, isp, its, js, jse, lnk, mad, maf, mag, mam, mar, mas, mat, mde, mim, msc, msi, msp, mst, ole, pcd, pif, reg, scr, sct, shb, shs, vb, vbe, vbmacros, vbs, vsw, wmd, wmz, ws, wsc, wsf, wsh, xxe, docm, xlsm

This also applies if attachments with these extensions are found in the following (password-protected) archives:
arj, cab, jar, lha, rar, tar, zip, gz

5) Inbound E-Mails with following HTML tags are not supported and what happens if an E- mail (Body and Attachment) has following HTML tags

E-mail gets bounced to the actual sender of the E-mail. HTML Tags that are not supported: Iframe, Form, Input, Script, Object, Embed, Bgsound

6) Route of Inbound E-mail with this new E-mail infra

Customer Infra/End User - CES Servers(Cloud) - CISCO devices(SAP Network) - ByD (SAP Network)

7) Exact Timeline of executing the change 

The change will be executed on the above mentioned dates between 08:00 UTC to 12:30 UTC, after the change is completed we will update you via E-mail notification

8) Inbound E-mail Size that is supported

Inbound Mail size to ByD systems can be of maximum 25MB (including attachment)

9) Inbound E-mail Path for ByD technical address 

Old E-mail Path for domain myXXXXXX.mail.sapbydesign.com / myXXXXXX.mail.sapbyd.cn

mxtls.expurgate.de -
mxtls.expurgate.net -

New Mail Path for domain myXXXXXX.mail.sapbydesign.com / myXXXXXX.mail.sapbyd.cn

mx1.cmail-sap.c3s2.iphmx.com -
mx2.cmail-sap.c3s2.iphmx.com -



We hope that this article provides clarity on migration of ByD customers to the new Inbound E-mail infrastructure, which is more reliable and secure.