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Business Context: Often business requires an additional data or information which are not fulfilled with standard fields available in object master data provided by SAP. At times that information might be needed in the transactions related to the object master data for example additional data for Equipment master like PO Number, which might be needed in the related maintenance notification or Maintenance order and in the related reports.

Solution: With SAP S/4HANA Key User Extensibility , we can add additional custom fields to technical objects and expose the fields on Fiori Screens with simple component configuration. It helps the business to simplify the addition of required information on the technical objects easily by self-enabling the custom fields.

This blog will focus on how to create custom fields for technical objects, extending the custom field to required UI Reports and enabling business scenarios. In this context, the following business scenario are available for Maintenance Notifications.

  • Transfer the custom field data from a maintenance notification to a maintenance order by enabling the business scenario EAM_NTF_TO_ORD.

  • Transfer the custom field data from an equipment to a maintenance notification by enabling the business scenario EAM_EQUI_TO_NTF.

  • Transfer the custom data from Functional location to a Maintenance Notification by enabling the business scenario EAM_FL_TO_NTF

In order to access the Custom fields app F1481, one of the following roles is needed.

Business Role Business Role ID 
Configuration Expert SAP_BR_BPC_EXPERT

Now let's begin with the creation of custom field for Equipment. Let's say the equipment master should have the PO number as an additional custom field. Once custom field is created it can be :

  • Added/edited on equipment master

  • Custom field can be displayed in related reports and

  • Custom filed can be copied to maintenance notification when created with respect to equipment

  • Custom field can be copied from maintenance notification to maintenance order

Step #1: Create Custom field

This step explains how to navigate to Custom Field Fiori app and create custom field, how to enable the custom field in different UI/Reports applicable and enable relevant business scenario. Custom Fields app available as a part of extensibility.

Figure 1. Extensibility

Here a custom field PO Number  is created with type Numerical Text. The field  type can be according to the custom field you plan to create like it can be text, number, a code list, checkbox etc. Choose the right business context which refers to the business object like maintenance order, equipment, Material etc. Here the business context chosen is Maintenance Notification.

Figure 2. Custom Field Create

Enable the UI/Reports wherever custom field needs to be available. For more details on required services for existing Fiori apps please refer Fiori Apps Reference Library SAP Fiori Apps Reference Library (ondemand.com)

Figure 3. Enable UI/Reports

And enable the business scenario as applicable. In this scenario Equipment to Maintenance Notification and Maintenance Notification to Order business scenario are enabled.

Figure 4. Enable Business Scenario

Once it is saved the custom fields are available for Equipment ,Maintenance Order As well.

Figure 5. Custom Field for Maintenance Notification/Order

Subsequently edit the custom field for equipment /Maintenance Order, enable the UI/reports as required and publish the custom field.

Please note that it may take a few minutes for the custom field to have status “Published” for the changes to take effect.

Figure 6. Custom Field Published

Step #2: Add custom fields to the Equipment, Maintenance Notification, Maintenance Order screens.

In this step,  the custom field  is exposed on the Equipment master, Maintenance Notification, Maintenance Order screens via component customizing. (WDA apps)

The below video explains adding custom field PO Number to equipment master screen. The same steps are followed for Maintenance Notification and Maintenance Order WDA Screens.

To add the custom field to Fiori apps, steps in the video below can be followed.

Step #3: Edit existing Equipment /create a new equipment with PO Number details

Add PO number and save the equipment via Change Technical Object App.

Figure 7. Equipment master custom field

Step #4: Create Maintenance notification for Equipment

Open Create Maintenance Notification app, create a notification with reference to equipment from previous step. PO Number will be copied from the equipment master.

Figure 8. Maintenance Notification Custom Field

Step #5: Create Maintenance Order with reference to notification created in last step.

Once the maintenance notification is accepted, a maintenance Order can be created from the Notification through Find Notifications app/Manage Notifications and Orders App.

PO Number will be copied from the Maintenance notification.

Figure 9. Maintenance Order Custom Field

Additionally, you can add the custom field to the available UI Reports.

You can also check other business scenario available for Maintenance plans, Maintenance items. Below link provides the list of migration objects supporting custom fields.

Migration Objects to Support Custom Fields | SAP Help Portal

For more details on SAP S/4HANA Cloud Extensibility related to Asset Management kindly check the below link.

Extensibility | SAP Help Portal

Thanks for reading the blog post. Please share your valuable feedback and inputs in a comment below. Also kindly follow the tag SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Asset Management to watch similar content.

You can also post your questions at All Questions in SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Asset Management | SAP Community