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Product and Topic Expert

Business ByDesign Release Highlights 1711

Below you find the SAP Business ByDesign release highlights 1711. Please click here to get to an overview of all new SAP Business ByDesign features in 1711.

 Built-in Analytics

Analysis Pattern simplified in HTML5 Client
The multidimensional reporting within the Analysis Pattern allows customers to understand the impact of each characteristic and key figure on their business.
As part of the HTML5 transition the analysis functions are now rearranged and you will find them easier on the related view, selection and additional filter panes.
Additional simplifications are:

  • Search and add characteristic and key figure to rows and columns

  • Use drag and drop to move fields between rows and columns

  • Manage views and selections and others

Data Source Preview and Documentation
In the view “Design Data Source” you will now find an improved preview based on the changed analysis pattern in HTML5.
In addition, you can benefit from improved documentation on the delivered SAP Content. This allows you to relate each field in the data source to the underlying field in the business object. You have an improved visibility into the calculated key figures. You can get the where-used information, which shows the reuse of these fields in key figures and reports.

Monitoring of Key Performance Indicators on LaunchPad in HTML5The current Silverlight solution supports limited KPI monitoring on a fixed number of SAP delivered KPIs. With the new HTML5 client, you can now create your own corporate KPIs based on your company-specific reports, selections and key figures. You can use now the same KPI definition to consume KPIs on the Launch Pad, which you might know from the business in focus IPAD application. A new KPI Detail screen helps you to understand root causes and identify business issues.
Business users can personalize and organize their KPIs on the Launch Pad.
New caching concepts improve the performance and deliver precalculated KPIs for easy consumption.

Please click here to watch the Built-in Analytics video and here to learn how to use this in customer analytics.


 Customer Relationship Management

Upsell with opportunity
You can now create an upsell opportunity from an existing customer contract. To do this, select an existing contract in Contracts view and click Actions and then Create Upsell Opportunity. This copies the contract items to the new upsell opportunity. You can add new items into this opportunity and assign contract item reference.

Please click here to watch the Upsell with Opportunity video.

Rebate Management
You can now include extension fields in rebate agreements. There is a new extension scenario Invoice Requests – General Information to Rebate Agreement — Root, which makes the extension fields added on customer invoice request header available for rebate agreements. You can add extension fields on customer invoice request header and then add them to the new extension scenario. This enables you to add the same extension fields on the rebate agreement. The extension fields added on customer invoice request and rebate agreement through this new extension scenario, participate in rebate processing.

Please click here to watch the Rebate Management video.

Gross-Price for service orders
Business ByDesign supports in some CRM transactions using prices as net price or gross price.  This is the case for example for the “Sales Quote”, the “Sales Order” or “Contracts”. To make use of this functionality you only need to unhide the field “Price in” in the specific object you would like to use. So far, the service order did not offer Gros-Pricing.

With release 1711 you are now able to make use of Gross-Pricing in the service order as well.

Please click here to watch the Gross-Price for Service Orders video.


 Financial Management

Concur Financials Integration
You can now retrieve expense reports from a Concur system and post them in Business ByDesign. Once posted, you can review the business transactions, the journal entries and pay out the reimbursement. The replication of cost objects and employee data from Business ByDesign to Concur is part of the integration.
Note: As of now, the integration is only available for selected customers taking part in a Concur Early Adopter Program.  Currently, the integration can only be used for employees residing in DE, UK, and US.

Please click here to watch the Financial Management video.


 Supplier Relationship Management

Header Level Discount for Purchase Orders
You can now enter a price condition for discount at header level for the purchase order directly in the header Prices tab. You can select Overall Discount (Percent) for the purchase order. The net price for the purchase order items will be calculated at the item level based on the header level discounts.

Return to Supplier to a Different Ship-to Address
While creating a return to supplier, the ship-to address gets defaulted from the purchase order supplier’s address. You can now also select a different supplier address, provided the supplier has maintained multiple addresses.

Please click here to watch the Supplier Relationship Management video.


Compliance, Cross Topics and Localization

Many organizations are concerned about how the European data privacy regulation known as GDPR or EU-DSGVO might impact their day-to-day business. ByDesign offers with the Data Privacy Work Center and Data Retention Periods powerful tools to help your company to achieve compliancy. With 1711 this will be enhanced by ability to retrieve and delete personal data also for customer and partner developed add-ons and extensions.

Please click here to get more details on how to manage data privacy and GDPR.

Existing Country Versions Enhancements

  • Spain – Immediate Supply of Information System (SII) - Incoming Cash Payments
    In Spain, you can now create an SII Incoming cash return. This is an annual return which considers all incoming cash payment documents with receipt date of the given year.
    The three processing types supported in this return are: Original return, Correction or modification return and Cancellation Return.

  • India – GSTR1 and GSTR2 Tax Returns
    In India, Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a proposed system of indirect taxation in India, merging most of the existing taxes into single system of taxation. Now you can now download the GSTR1 and GSTR2 tax returns in the Microsoft Excel file format. The downloaded file adheres to the format specified by the Goods and Services Network (GSTN).

  • India – Official Document Number for Self-Invoice
    In India, under the Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime, you can now create a self-invoice for all the goods and services procured from an unregistered vendor. This is handled through the Evaluated Receipt Settlements (ERS) invoice. For these documents, an Official Document Number (ODN) is generated, based on the GST registration number and other numbering rules maintained in the configuration.

  • Canada – Legal Change for the Provinces - Ontario, Prince Edward Island and Quebec
    In Canada, large businesses are required to recapture input tax credits (ITCs) claimed in respect of the provincial part of the Ontario harmonized sales tax (HST). Check out Ontario’s recaptured input tax credits (RITC) phase-out period and Prince Edward Island phase-out starting April 1,2018. Quebec will begin to phase-out the restrictions related to input tax refunds (ITRs) on January 1, 2018.

  • Italy – VAT Split Payment
    In Italy, you can now use the VAT split payment for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in manual tax entries. The VAT split payment has now replaced the deferred tax payment for transactions associated with public administration and default configuration is delivered.

  • Switzerland – ISO20022 Optional Inclusion of Remittance Information (Structured/Unstructured) within the XML File
    In Switzerland, you can now choose the format (structured or unstructured) of the direct debit remittance information sent to the bank.

  • Germany – E-Bilanz Taxonomy 6.0
    For Germany, the templates for E-Bilanz are updated as per Taxonomy 6.0. They now support Global Common Data Taxonomy and the German GAAP Core Taxonomy as of 01.04.2016 (Version 6.0).
    A new spreadsheet Schedule of Fixed Assets, and a related selection field in Reporting Elements section is added to the master data spreadsheet.
    Low Value Asset For Germany, now the value range of low value assets for accounting principle as per German Tax is updated based on Income Tax Law (section 6 paragraph 2 sentence 1 and paragraph 2a sentence 4).

For complete details of all the topics delivered in the 1711 release, please visit our Release Information wiki page.