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In this blog post, we are going to talk about a enhancement in Block Product in Sales (CRM). This feature will be available in 2011 release.

Business Scenario:

In a company, sometimes we like to block a product from being sold. In some scenarios, customer would like to block a product being sold through different distribution channel.

The New Capabilities:

In the past, when customer maintain a block status of a product in sales the product will not show in any search results hence discouraging the product being use. However, customer can still manually key in the product and a sales document can still be able to go through for example, manual invoice, manual credit memo and OTC documents. With this enhancement in 2011, customer will not be able to manually key in the product and the sales document will not be able to go through instead of a warning message in the previous version, a error message will appear when try to save the document.

This enhancement now provide consistency to disable all sales documents when a product is set to block in sales.

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