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In the previous blog post we described, how SAP Cloud ALM features help running SAP S/4HANA Cloud implementation based on Scrum methodology. As the next step, we will connect this earlier described flow with SAP Activate methodology for SAP S/4HANA Cloud 3-system landscape.

SAP Activate in SAP Cloud ALM

The final schema of dependencies between Scrum entities and SAP Cloud ALM from the previous blog post looks following:

As you can see, here we move directly to the development and implementation activities. Therefore Discover, Prepare and Explore phases of SAP Activate methodology should take place before start of project in SAP Cloud ALM, thus they (phases) extend Scrum workflow. On the other hand, it is necessary to mention, that it doesn´t mean, that SAP Cloud ALM cannot be helpful at Discover, Prepare and Explore phases - this will be described in details in the next chapter.

The fourth phase in SAP Activate methodology is Realize. And in fact, this phase covers all activities from the schema above. As said in SAP Activate methodology:
The purpose of this phase is to incrementally build and test an integrated business and system environment that is based on the process requirements identified in the previous phase and captured in the backlog. During the Realize phase, the project team loads customer data into the system, plans adoption activities, and prepares cutover plans and plans for operationally running the solution.

So, these are exactly the activities, that take place during numerous Sprints of SAP Cloud ALM and numerous Waves of Scrum.

In the same time, in the end of SAP Cloud ALM project we expect deployed SAP S/4HANA Cloud Solution (in our case). Therefore, in the end of Realize phase and simultaneously with it we should have Deploy phase:
The purpose of this phase is to set up the production system, conduct cutover activities, confirm customer organization readiness, and to switch business operations to the new system.

Obviously, these are the activities, which happen in last Sprint(s) and in the end of Release.

The last phase of SAP Activate methodology - Run, also extends the schema above, but doesn´t make it more complex, as this is the phase of business operations and solution optimization, and we should not combine it with additional implementation activities. Further implementation or enhancement activities will restart the described above "cycle", what would be highlighted in future blog post.

As a result, correlations between SAP Activate methodology, SAP Cloud ALM entities and Scrum methodology looks as following:

SAP Cloud ALM in Prepare and Explore phases of SAP Activate

If we open SAP Activate for SAP S/4HANA Cloud 3-system landscape and select SAP Cloud ALM solution, following steps will be displayed:

So, in Prepare phase SAP Cloud ALM has to be provisioned and team set up should be done. Additionally, all users, who will be involved in SAP Cloud ALM activities during the future phase should familiarize with functionality.

And in Explore phase real productive usage of SAP Cloud ALM starts:

  • first of all, Projects app will be used to define timeframes, scope and additional attributes;

  • afterwards, Tasks app will help to distribute first project activities among responsible persons;

  • during fit to standard workshops Requirements app is helpful to document discussed points and configuration details; additionally, Processes app can be used to display details for Solution Processes and detail the project scope

  • finally, Notes app can be used additionally to Requirements app to provide draft details and ideas, for example


As you can see, SAP Cloud ALM supports SAP implementation projects along the whole SAP Activate workflow. In the next blog post we will discuss, which SAP Cloud ALM features are "must have" in Realize and Deploy phases of SAP Activate methodology.

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