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Let's check first the basic customizing settings, which you need to be able to create a production order.

In transaction SPRO you can find the settings here:

  • OPJH - Define order types

First of all you need to define an order type. This order type is independent on a plant. It is important, that the order type has to have a number range (either internal or external number assignment).

  • OPL8 - Define order type-dependent parameters

As a second step you have to define the order type-dependent parameters in transaction OPL8. These settings are dependent on plant.

  • OPU3 - Define scheduling parameters

The scheduling parameters also needs to be defined for the order creation.

  • OPJK - Define checking control

You need to define the order control, which means the steps in case of created and released order. You have to maintain entries here for both released and created orders.


  • OPKP - Define production scheduling profile

It is not a necessary, but a helpful customizing to create a production scheduling profile.

Now let's see the basic settings of creating a process order. Basically the logic of the minimum required settings is the same.

  • CORN - Define order types

  • COR4 - Define order type-dependent parameters

  • OPUZ - Define scheduling parameters

  • OPJK - Define checking control


  • CORY - Define production scheduling profile