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Product and Topic Expert

Normally the sales order outbound EDI message "OrderConfirmation_Out" are triggered when sales order is saved. However, for some business processes it only makes sense to send out order confirmation message when material is available on sales order. This blog explains how to avoid sending order confirmation outbound message if there is no material available in sales order.

To achieve this goal, it is possible to add additional condition in the output parameter determination for sales order.

Open the application "Output Parameter Determination, select sales document as show rules and open the determination step "Output Relevance"

Click button "Edit" to edit the business rules. Then click button "Table Settings" to add new column in the decision table

In the table settings, click "Insert Column" to add column "OVERALLDELIVCONFSTATUS" into the decision table. This status is used to indicate whether material is available to be confirmed

Then go back to the decision table, set "Delivery confirmation status" as "C" for output type "ORDER_CONFIRMATION".

Activate the output parameter determination setting.

Now we can verify this approach.

Create a purchase order 4500009598 in buyer system, a sales order is created in supplier side.

Open the sales order 24866, the confirmed quantity is 0, it means the material is not available

So the status of EDI message is "In Preparation".

Then make sure the material has enough stock for this sales order. Edit the sales order and perform the available check on sales order item

In the availability check screen, confirm the requested quantity in sales order

Then save the sales order. This will trigger processing output items in sales order.

Open the sales order after it is saved, and check the output items in sales order, you will see EDI message is processed successfully.

The settings in the output parameter determination can control triggering outbound message based on certain criteria. However, if there are multiple items in sales order and only some items have enough stock available, this approach cannot control sending single item confirmation message out.