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This content explains the functionality ‘Automatic Creation of Reservation’ in shopping carts, and the configurations that are required to enable the same.


When casual users create shopping cart requests, it is possible to automatically create ‘Reservation’ as a follow-on document, based on the available stock for the requested item.


In order to create reservations, we should have an open, unrestricted stock of the requested item. Inventory of the requested item can be checked as follows:

1. Login to Fiori Launchpad as Inventory Manager

2. Go to app – Display Stock Overview – Check the stock level for a material in a particular plant

3. In order to create the Reservation – it is mandatory to have stock under ‘Unrestricted use’

General Configuration

Configuration steps for automatic creation of reservation are as follows:

1. Login to Fiori Launchpad as Expert User (BPC_EXPERT role).

2. Search for the configuration app - Settings for Creation of Reservation by expert user.

3. Use the Rule as – Goods Issue (03) and Movement Type as - GI for Cost Center (201).

4. AddPurchasing Group + Material Group’ combination for which automatic creation of reservation must be enabled.

5. In the snapshot below, automatic creation of reservation is enabled for the combination ‘Purchasing Group 002 + Material Group L001’. Material – TG- DO60 with unrestricted use stock, is associated with the Material Group – L001.

6. The automatic creation of reservation is thus enabled for the required combination of ‘Purchasing Group + Material Group’. You can similarly maintain automatic creation of reservation for multiple such combinations of ‘Purchasing Group + Material Group’.

Creation of Reservation using Shopping Cart

Steps for creation of reservation using shopping cart are as follows:

1. Login to Fiori Launchpad as Casual user (or Employee user)

2. Open the app Create Purchase Requisition

3. Add the material TG-D010

4. Place the order. Purchase requisition is created.

5. Check the status of the Shopping Cart created. Go to My Purchase Requisitions Fiori application with the same user login

6. Search for the Ordered Purchase Requisition

Check the status of the Purchase Requisition. The status is ‘Follow on Document Created’

7. Click on ‘Follow on Document Created’ link to view the follow-on documents. You can see that the follow-on document for the purchase requisition is ‘Reservation’

8. You can also login as ‘Inventory Manager’ and cross-check the stock of the Material used in the requisition, using the app Display Stock Overview

Currently, you do not have the option to view the Reservation document using a Fiori app or Harmonized MB23 transaction.