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This blog post is an extension to a blog post about Structured Field :86: and it shows how to assign external transactions to payment symbols. Visit the first blog post to learn about the structured format of Field :86: and basic customizing.

For the Czech Republic and Slovakia, there is a functionality to map the transaction in the bank statement to an external transaction by variable symbol, specific symbol or constant symbol. These symbols are used as additional payment information for domestic payments.

Since this action is only available for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, you should check if your country version is set to “Czech Republic (CZ)” (or "Slovakia (SK)") before clicking on "Configure Your Solution". If not, use the button "Set Country Version" in the right down corner.

To be able to assign external transactions to payment symbols, you should first define a new external transaction.

To assign external transactions based on variable symbol, specific symbol or constant symbol go back to “Electronic Bank Statement” and select “Assign External Transaction to Payment Symbols”.

In there, you should create new entry and fill:

  • Company code (the company code is an organizational unit within financial accounting)

  • Type of financial operation

  • Currency

  • Var.symbol

  • Const.symb

  • SpecifSym.

And assign it to External Transaction.

How to fill payment symbols

You can use the value + on the position, where you want any number to be matched during matching (external transaction determination).

For example, to assign External Code (123) to the Variable Symbol, use the following format:

  • Variable symbol      0++++++123  (e. g. variable symbol "0999999123" will be matched)

  • Specific symbol      0+++++++++

  • Constant symbol    0+++++++++

When processing the bank statement, the external transaction customized in this table will be considered instead of the one imported from the input file.

Please note that the payment symbols will only be recognized if they are stored in the Memo Line (FEBRE).

Learn more about Structured Field 86 in MT940 Bank Statement in this blog post.


Do you have any further comments regarding this topic? Do not hesitate to share them in the comment section below. You are also welcome to ask any questions about SAP S4/HANA Finance in the Community Q&A section.