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Product and Topic Expert

ASAP goes Agile

Earlier this year SAP published the new Agile Business Add-On to ASAP (Service Marketplace account required) that incorporates agile and lean implementation concept based on SCRUM methodology into the new AcceleratedSAP (ASAP) Methodology and Business Add-Ons. This Business Add-On maps agile implementation approach elements such as a product backlog, a baseline build, and iterative sprints to the traditional phases of ASAP.

This close alignment allows SAP implementation projects to following Agile approach and deliver benefits to the business early through incremental releases of functionality during the course of the project. In addition to the incremental nature of the project the Agile methodology requires much closer cooperation between IT organization and business users. This is done in a structured manner dictated by the SCRUM framework that consists of clear ownership of product backlog by the business, regular communication between business users and IT and structured approach to reflect evolving nature of requirements as solution is built.

At the same time the methodology benefits from the proven structure of ASAP 7, lean project WBS and strong set of quality measures like project Q-Gates that are built into ASAP 7.

With Agile Business Add-on to ASAP project teams can tailor the level of acceleration in the project leverages to fit customer specific needs by leveraging full spectrum of ASAP7 acceleration techniques including the SCRUM based implementation approach. See next picture for overview of acceleration techniques build into ASAP 7.

For example, the implementation team might choose a to follow a hybrid implementation approach that pairs the SAP Best Practices (e.g. standard functionality) for significant part of the project scope with Value Prototyping and Custom Development Services from SAP to address Customer Own Practices that require enhancements of SAP standard. Such project can be managed with Agile implementation techniques to achieve earlier return on investment through iterative delivery of functionality to the business. Instead of aiming for delivery of one big release in 9 months the project team may delivery 2 or 3 incremental releases of functionality to help business realize value sooner. 

This approach provides the flexibility to respond to our customers' implementation needs within a proven ASAP framework. We recognize that this is a new concept for many SAP practitioners and will offer help through practice sharing, discussions and knowledge exchange in the ASAP community forums on BPX as well as in the BPM webinars. We are also working on formal extension of standard ASAP training for Agile Business Add-on.

As a starting point on your journey to understanding the Agile Business Add-on implementation approach you can review the recorded BPM Webinar introducing the Agile Implementation approach. The recorded session discusses the project acceleration techniques built into ASAP 7 in more detail and focuses on the iterative approach of the Agile Business Add-on. You may also use the accompanying slide deck (Service Marketplace account required).

As a next step we invite you to browse through the ASAP 7 methodology on BPX with the Agile Business Add-on enabled. Note that you will need to navigate to Add-on View menu item and select Agile Add-on to be displayed after the roadmap loads in your browser.

If you are attending the ASUG/SAPPHIRE NOW event in Orlando come and join the session # 1608 'Using Agile Approach for SAP Implementation' on Tuesday afternoon at 3pm (room S310C - S&S 3) where we will discuss the Agile implementation methodology, its fit in projects including use cases from early adopters of this implementation approach in SAP projects.

You can follow this easy roadmap to explore Agile Business Add-on and agile implementation approach.

Step 1 – Get informed

Step 2 – Get familiar

Step 3 – Engage in the community