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HR Renewal - Where are we now?

In the last two years SAP has been working on renewing the Core HR OnPremise SAP ERP HCM. As a part of the HR Renewal program, we listened to our customers and revamped the look and experience that an enterprise user might have with the SAP's HCM software. As a part of the renewal we not only provided a state of art experience for the employees and managers but we also changed the experience for HR professionals including Payroll professionals. Our customers had the option to implement the changes faster than ever before as HR Renewal was delivered as a Feature Pack every quarter. We are in the second phase of the program having just delivered HR Renewal 2.0 Feature Pack 1.

With an overhaul to provide a unified landing page as a single point of access for processes and information over employee and organizational objects, we enable our users to focus on running their tasks depending on own priorities. We added functionality and refreshed the user experience to enable employees and managers to adopt HR processes faster and to enable HR professionals to work easier.

What is the latest in HR Renewal?

As a part of the HR Renewal, we brought out several changes until now. A few weeks ago, HR Renewal 2.0 successfully exited Rampup to be generally available for all customers. Gertrud Beisel has summarized the functionality in HR Renewal 2.0 in this blog.

The latest release on HR Renewal is HR Renewal 2.0 Feature Pack 1. The highlight of the features in this release are:

  • Enhancements to Payroll Control Center
  • Dynamic Processing rules
  • Recording working time through My Timesheet

Additional details of functionality in HR Renewal 2.0 Feature Pack 1:

Enhancements to Payroll Control Center: Frans Smolders has written a comprehensive blog on the payroll control center enhancements which you can find here.

Dynamic Processing Rules: As the next step to the roadmap forms, we have brought out the feature of dynamic processing rules. (more information on Roadmap forms can be found on the blog published by here)

Recording working time through My Timesheet: A revamped timesheet enables the employees to record their working time and get an overview in a consumer grade user experience with the SAP UI5 application that can be directly accessed from their landing page. The employee can save or release directly or delete the entered working times easily and have different views of the recorded times.

Highlights of other functionality released in earlier releases of HR Renewal:

  • New search capabilities enable the users to search across the objects with strong filter capabilities. (HR Renewal 1.0)

  • New workforce viewer enables the customers to view the hierarchy – employee hierarchy or organizational object hierarchy. Additional functions include ability compare information across different employees and ability to run any processes directly from the organization chart.  See the blog by Sylvia Strangfeld here. (HR Renewal 1.0)

  • With the new capabilities to set up actions, all the processes for each of the objects, whether an employee or a position or an organizational unit can be carried out from any place in the system where you can see the details. (HR Renewal 1.0)

  • Overview of own profile or team’s profile: A much more user friendly profile enables you to view all your own information or if you are manager, the information of your team members in a comprehensive manner. (HR Renewal 1.0)

  • Managers can have an overview of their substituitions and approvals. For time approvals, a new SAP UI5 application enables the managers to easily review all the timesheets, approve and reject the working times (HR Renewal 2.0)

  • An analytics lane enables you to have an overview of all the analytics relevant for the manager as a decision maker. For more information please see this blog from Frans Smolders (HR Renewal 1.0)

  • Employees can easily request for leave or have an overview of their payroll information through the SAP UI5 applications that can be accessed from their landing page. With the leave request application, they can have an overview of the team calendar as well as their own leave entitlements before requesting for vacation. Additionally, they can also view their leave history easily.

  • Similarly employees can view their payroll information over a duration in different views, or open their payslip or print it out.

Where can you find more information?

You can find information about each release of the HR Renewal at this link: http://help.sap.com/hr_renewal or on service marketplace in the following path:

There are several blogs that go into the details of the HR Renewal package. They can be found at these links: