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With the SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition 2302 release we are going to deliver the first version of a new app called "Project Control - Professional Service Projects". In this blog post we like to give a brief introduction for the app and describe how you could use it as an alternative entry point for your professional services projects.

Introduction to the new app

The app "Project Control - Professional Service Projects" provides one combined list of customer and internal professional services projects. It shows project attributes in a tabular format and allows you to also search based on them. The list can be enhanced by customer attributes (by help of the business context /CPD/CUSTOMER_PROJECT).


The app belongs to the business role "Project Manager - Professional Services" and hence provides by default navigations to professional services projects core apps like "Create customer projects", "Plan customer projects", "Review customer projects" or "Notify missing time".

Additional navigation options

The navigation options of the app can be enhanced by assigning additional business catalogs or business roles to the users. Below some examples for additional navigation options and which business catalog need to be assigned to the users.

Navigation to Business catalog needed in addition
Display Sales Order SAP_SD_BC_SO_DISPL_PC
Display Solution Order SAP_S4CRM_BC_SOLN_ORD_DISP_PC
Solution Order Progress
Manage Project Billing SAP_PS_BC_PROJ_BLNG_PC
Project Profitability SAP_FIN_BC_SA_REP_PRO_PC
Event-Based Revenue Recognition - Projects
Project WIP Details


How to use the new app as alternative entry point for professional services projects

The app "Project Control - Professional Services Projects" is not pinned to the "Project Management - Professional Services" launchpad space by default. Every user can search for the app and pin it to a launchpad space or launchpad home individually. In addition an administrator can pin the app to a launchpad space for a group of users. This sections describes how to define the new app as the entry point for professional services projects for a group of users.

  1. Open the app "Maintain Business Roles".

  2. Search for business role SAP_BR_PROJECT_MANAGER_PROF.

  3. Mark the business role and copy it. Do not copy the assigned launchpad spaces.

  4. For your new business role, open the tab "Assigned Launchpad Spaces" and click “Add”.

  5. In the pop up, choose "Create Spaces Based on SAP-Delivered Spaces". Space SAP_BR_PROJECT_MANAGER_PROF should be visible already. Give the new space an ID, description and title. Click "Create and Assign Space". Save the role.

  6. Navigate to the new space and select the copied page. Click on “Edit”.

  7. Remove the following apps:

  8. Search for the new app "Project Control - Professional Services Projects" and add it to the page. Save the page.

  9. Assign the new business role to your business users, e.g. by help of the app “Maintain business users”.

  10. When the users logon the next time, the new app will be shown by default.



With this blog post we introduced the new app "Project Control - Professional Services Projects" and described how to use it as an alternative entry point for professional services projects. For further information, please have a look at the documentation of the app. Feel free to give feedback, add comments or ask questions.