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Are you worried about your Legal Compliance Reporting?

Advanced compliance reporting is a global compliance reporting solution that helps you to create, generate, and submit compliance reports to the governments on time and in the correct format. It helps you to ensure compliance with complex and ever-changing legal requirements.

The solution can help you ensure legal compliance in reporting with regulations around the world – for example, VAT, GST, SAFT or many other legal reporting requirements. Take advantage of a unified statutory reporting dashboard, embedded analytics, and a modern and intuitive UX.

  • Monitor your legal compliance reporting on a global scale through a single, unified dashboard – and get full audit traceability.

  • Use flexible business rules and an extensible report design environment to comply with constantly changing legal requirements.

  • Support on-time global compliance with multiple legal reporting formats and direct submission to regulatory authorities.

  • The value proposition ACR brings for a customer is

    • Transparency - Monitors your global legal compliance reporting with full audit traceability in a unified dashboard and embedded analytics.

    • Flexibility - Facilitates faster adoption of constantly changing legal reforms and business needs through flexible business rules and extendible design environment.

    • Simplicity/Efficiency - State of the art capabilities that transcend your entire legal compliance reporting process into a next-generation system and modern the user experience.

    • Complaint - Stay globally compliant on time through easy adoption of legal changes, supports different legal formats and direct submission to government authorities.

    • Key features include Run Compliance Reports and Define Compliance Reports.

      Reusable Objects in Advance Compliance Reporting include

      1. Generic VAT

      2. Generic Cash Flow Statement

      3. Generic Financial Statement

      4. Scope item IJ2 details Advance Compliance Reporting features and process flow.

        Define the reporting entity and Run Compliance Reports APP for the required country.

        Legal Reports Supported (Country- wise)

        GST Report
        Data Extraction for Audit Purposes Advance VAT Return - U30 Annual VAT Return - U1 Balance of Payments - Form L1 (Cross Border Services) EC Sales List
        Withholding Tax Report Annual Sales Listing Balance of Payments - F01DGS Balance of Payments - F01MER Balance of Payments - F02CMS Balance of Payments - S03CCR EC Sales List VAT Return
        ECD Report ECF Report EFD Contribuições Report EFD ICMS IPI Report EFD-Reinf Report General Tools for SPED Reports
        Goods and Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Text (GST/HST) and Recaptured Input Tax Credits (RITC) Report Provincial Sales Tax - Manitoba (PST-MB) Report Provincial Sales Tax - British Columbia (PST-BC) Report Provincial Sales Tax - Saskatchewan (PST-SK) Report Quebec Sales Tax (QST) Report
        Audit Report GBT24589: Common Information Audit Report GBT24589: General Ledger Audit Report GBT24589: Account Payables and Receivables Audit Report GBT24589: Assets Accounting Cash Flow Statements Input VAT Transfer Input VAT Deduction Statement of Changes in Owner's Equity - Yearly
        Czech Republic
        VAT Declaration (including VAT return and VAT control statement) Financial Statements Cash Flow Statement
        EC Sales List VAT Return
        EC Sales List VAT Declaration
        Withholding Tax ReportBalance of Payments - RTEBalance of Payments - ECOEC Sales ListOverdue InvoicesVAT Return
        Z3 Report
        Audit Report EC Sales List VAT Return
        GSTR-1 GSTR-3B Withholding Tax Report
        Cash Flow Statements VAT Export VAT Import VAT IN VAT OUT VAT Return Withholding Tax (PPh Pasal 23 and 26) Report Withholding Tax (PPh Pasal 15) Report Withholding Tax (PPh Pasal 22) Report Withholding Tax (PPh Pasal Article 4(2)) Report
        EC Sales List Return on Trading Details VAT Report Withholding Tax Report
        Withholding Tax Report VAT Declaration Fixed Asset Register
        VAT Return Withholding Tax using White Return (Payment-Base) Withholding Tax using Blue Return (Invoice-Base) Trade Credit Check Central Bank Payment
        Annual VAT Return Balance of Payments EC Sales List SAF-T
        GST Audit File GST Return SST Report
        Account Balance Auxiliary Report for Accounts Chart of Accounts DIOT Report Journal Entries Details VAT Declaration Withholding Tax
        EC Sales List VAT Return
        New Zealand
        Goods and Services Tax (GST) Report
        Customer Line Items Supplier Line Items G/L Account Line Items VAT Return
        Expanded Withholding Tax Reporting Final Withholding Tax Reporting CAS Report (including General Ledger, Purchase Journal, General Journal, Sales Journal, Inventory Report) VAT Return (Monthly and Quarterly) VAT Summary List (including Summary List of Sales, Summary List of Purchases, Summary List of Importation) Certificate of Creditable Withholding Tax Report
        Balance Sheet / Income Statement for Poland Posting Period Withholding Tax Declaration (CIT-10Z) Balance Sheet / Income Statement for Poland Quarterly Balance Sheet / Income Statement for Poland Yearly Cash Flow Statement Customer Balances and Line Items EC Sales List Fixed Asset Forms Poland G/L Account Balances and Line Items Overdue Invoices SAF-T Supplier Balances and Line Items Poland VAT Return
        Withholding Tax Report EC Sales List Portugal Mapas Fiscais SAF-T SAF-T Self-Billing File Annual Sales and Purchase (Annex O and P) Annual VAT Declaration (Annex L and M)
        Domestic Sales Purchase List Romania Declaration 390 Fixed Asset Chart Romania G/L Account Trial Balances Romania Financial Statement - GAAP Romania Semester Financial Statement - GAAP Romania Sales & Purchase Journal Romania VAT 300 Declaration
        Financial Statements for Russia Invoice Journal for Russia Purchase and Sales Ledger for Russia VAT Return Clarification Request Processing for Russia VAT Return for Russia
        Saudi Arabia
        VAT Return Withholding Tax Report
        Goods and Services Tax Return GST Transaction Listing (IAF) Withholding Tax Report
        EC Sales ListFixed Asset Forms Slovakia
        South Africa
        BBBEE Supplier Classification VAT Return
        South Korea
        Cash Flow Statements Trial Balance VAT Declaration Withholding Tax - Business Income Report Withholding Tax - Other Income Report
        Withholding Tax - Modelo 111 Report Withholding Tax - Modelo 216 Report Withholding Tax - Modelo 190 Report EC Sales List Form 347: Annual Statement of Transactions with Third Parties Form 347: Incoming Cash Transactions VAT Return - Form 303 Withholding Tax - Modelo 111 Report Withholding Tax - Modelo 216 Report
        EC Sales List
        Switzerland National Bank Reporting VAT Return Switzerland
        Taiwan, China
        VAT Declaration
        Cash Flow Statements VAT Return - PP30 VAT Return - PP36 Withholding Tax - 50BIS Report Withholding Tax - PND2 Report Withholding Tax -PND3 Report Withholding Tax - PND53 Report Withholding Tax -PND54 Report
        E-Ledger Report Input VAT Declaration Inventory Ledger Purchase Sales Declaration (Ba-Bs Forms) Sales Invoice List
        United Arab Emirates
        FAF Return VAT Declaration
        United Kingdom
        EC Sales List VAT Return Withholding Tax Report UK Reverse Charge Sales List
        United States
        Withholding Tax (1099-MISC) Report Withholding Tax (1099-K) Report Withholding Tax (1099-INT) Report Withholding Tax (1099-G) Report Withholding Tax (1042-S) Report

        For more details check out: Country-specific legal reports available in SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2002 release updates