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In our last release 2102, we enabled the change of planned output and component quantities of already started production orders.

With our new release, 2105, we now also allow to add new components to started production orders. This will be supported for activities that belong to not yet finished production tasks. When adding the component in the production order, the user can select the confirmation method, either ‘Backflush’ or ‘Explicit’ and can chose, if the newly added component has a fixed or variable quantity. In addition, the source logistics area can be changed, if needed. In case of a variable quantity, changes of the production order quantity will be propagated to the added component.

In my example I added component SR100119 to activity ACT_003 in an already started production order:

As a result, after saving the changes, the newly added component will also be reflected in the corresponding production task 3182 similarly to the components that have originally been planned.

Finally, the newly added component will show up in Supply Planning as a dependent demand in the Supply & Demand List.

Please also have a look at the video.