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One of the more common problems occurs after data had been copied from the productive system to a test or development system, there on the target system the accounting document is not shown in the document flow of the invoice:

The accounting document exists in reality, but when clicking on the accounting button in transaction VF03, then the error message occurs, that it had not yet been created (error message identification VF062):

The root cause is the logical system, which is for the created invoice (table field VBRK-LOGSYS) not identical to the one to which the client is assigned (table field T000-LOGSYS😞

The solution in this case is to convert the logical system in VBRK to the one used in the client.

There is a standard tool for this conversion, the transaction BDLS:

Here the old logical system name and the new one (to which the client is assigned) will have to be inserted, and for table VBRK a conversion of the table triggered. First in a test run it can be checked what would the system do:

The number of relevant entries should correspond with the number of invoices that have the old logical system in table VBRK, which can be verified by selecting in transaction SE16:

One known issue that can prevent the conversion is in case the protocol tables :




do still have entries. This can also be seen in SE16 by inserting the table names and checking the number of entries as shown above.

In case data records are present in any one of them, then the report RBDLSMAP_RESET will have to be executed before using transaction BDLS. If this report is not yet present in the system, it can be implemented from note 962674.