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The accompanying sheet functionality is a part of DMEE and DMEEX transactions. With SAP S/4HANA Cloud 1908 release, we came up with accompanying sheet functionality also for Fiori app Map Payment Format Data.

The Accompanying Sheet section can be found in the detail of a format mapping under the ‘Accompanying Sheet’ tab. In this section, you can determine whether the data for the accompanying sheet is created during payment file generation and define the data with which the accompanying sheet is created.

In the Accompanying Sheet Type field, you can select one of the following values in the dropdown list:

  • No Accompanying Sheet

  • Simplified Accompanying Sheet

  • Accompanying Sheet with Subtotals

No Accompanying Sheet

No data for the accompanying sheet is collected when a file is generated.

Simplified Accompanying Sheet

An accompanying sheet is created during file generation without subtotals data. If you select this value, you can specify a name in the attributes of an individual node in the format mapping tree, under which the value of the node will appear in the generated file. Note that this reference works only if the node occurs only once in the entire file. For this reason, it is only possible to define such names for nodes that have format level 1.

Accompanying Sheet with Subtotals

An accompanying sheet is created during file generation with subtotals data. If you select this value, besides including the values of individual format mapping nodes (as described above), the system also performs subtotal calculations and prepares the result for the accompanying sheet.

When you select this value, the Key Fields for Accompanying Sheet Subtotals section appears, where you can select key fields for subtotal calculation. If you mark a field as a key field, during the generation of the accompanying sheet, the system calculates subtotals for the different values of this field and creates separate lines for them in the output. If you select several fields to be used as key fields, the system calculates subtotals for each different combination of their values and creates separate lines for them.


This solution is used e.g. in Brazil. You can find general documentation about the process of defining the accompanying sheet here.


See SAP Help Portal for more information about Map Payment Format Data.

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