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In certain cases, it can make sense to make sure that a customer return is first approved by a sales manager before the return and refund clerk can process it further. You could, for example, define that a customer return with a net value that is higher than USD 1,000 or for a specific customer always need to be sent to an approver.

Since CE2008, approval workflow for accelerated return is available. Now Accelerated return is integrated with My Inbox App and Notification for initiator and approver to take workflow actions.

There are some special points to address for accelerated return workflow.

Two Approval control collaboration

For accelerated return, previously there is already a manual release (approval) control before flexible workflow introduced. The release/rejection action and status at item and document level are available.

· With Mange Customer Returns App, it uses ‘SAVE & RELEASE’ to release a customer return

· With WEBGUI VA01 App, the approval field at item level is available for end user to set.

When a return is released (approved), the further process continues and it also auto generates follow up document, like return delivery document.

With flexible workflow for accelerated return, the approval control and status are available at document level currently.

Approval status is newly introduced in Manage Customer Returns App, together with the previous release status and reject status.

· if flexible workflow is not used, or even workflow solution is used, but a return is workflow not relevant, the previous release and reject status still apply as before.

· If a return is workflow relevant, then approval status is used, and have influence on release status and rejection status accordingly.

Example (one item in each document):

60001639: it is workflow not relevant: return and refund clerk manually rejects and releases it.

60001642: workflow relevant, approver rejects it: Approval status Rejected, Release Status Not released, Rejection Status Rejected.

60001644: workflow relevant, approver releases it: Approval status Released, Release Status Released, Rejection Status Nothing Rejected.

Change Released accelerated return after inspection at customer site.

Normally, for a released customer return (by workflow), it is not allowed to change. But for return scenario, inspection at customer site, this is an exception.

With accelerated return, it has return scenario: inspection at customer site.

It might need approval from manager before sending someone to customer site for inspection. After inspection, further change on released customer return is needed to input the inspection result and final logistical follow up activity.

in such case, the change on Released (by workflow) customer return is allowed, and after change, no second approval request needed.

Check more customer return workflow details at help portal (CE2008)