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SAP has made updates to Transformation Navigator once again, with a variety of new features and functions. This time, the focus is on improving user experience through a cleaner interface and smoother functions. Scroll down for a detailed look into the SAP Transformation Navigator’s update.


Here’s an overview of the more significant updates:

  1. New Start Procedure on Landing Page

  2. Create Product Map from Industry Templates

  3. UX Improvement with Guided Procedure

  4. Option to Export Business, Technical, and Transformation Guides to XLSX Format

  5. “Further Information” Tab on Product Card

New Start Procedure on Landing Page


When accessing the SAP Transformation Navigator tool, first-time users are now prompted to select an industry to create a new Product Map. Regular users can access their Road Maps immediately after launching the tool.


Create Product Map from Industry Templates


Users now have access to dozens of Industry Templates. This is, in my opinion, the biggest improvement of this release. Templates have been created for every industry (segment) containing a representative set of currently used products, selected capabilities, value drivers, and other relevant data for that industry. You can choose to create a new product map from this template, giving you a jump start in the map creation process with relevant data being pre-selected and pre-filled. You can subsequently edit the product map to adapt it to your individual situation and needs.

Alternatively, you still have the option to create your Road Map from scratch, simply by clicking the “Start from Scratch” button.


UX Improvement with Guided Procedure



Since this is a self-service tool, there have been some efforts made to make the tool easier to use. The navigation bar and pages have been updated to better guide users through the relevant steps needed to create product map, including downloading and sharing information.

The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Create your 'recommended' product map. Compile your current product implementation, add additional capabilities based on your business and IT needs, and view a recommended future map, with detailed information about transformation services, integration options, and the impact on your license agreements.

Step 2: Build your value-based business case. Review the value drivers influenced by the recommended products and solutions and the achievable range of improvements, and prioritize and select aspirations for each driver.

Step 3: Plan your transformation journey. Leverage transformation scenarios, SAP services, and transition types to start a conversation with your colleagues and SAP.

Step 4: Generate your set of guides that summarize all information and decisions of the self-service tool, enriched with relevant overall SAP information and with an overview of the follow-up work, that we've seen useful in many customer cases.

Step 5: Use the SAP Transformation Navigator to collaborate with your colleagues to complete a product map, or share it with SAP if you want to discuss your map with us.

Option to Export Business, Technical, and Transformation Guides to XLSX Format


The SAP Transformation Navigator tool produces three guides – Business, Technical, and Transformation. This has not changed. In addition to exporting these guides in PDF and PPT format, you can now export these documents in XLSX format. This will give you the ability to edit, copy, paste, analyze, and perform other operations on the data.


“Further Information” Tab on Product Card


For most products, there is a “Further Information” tab that provides more knowledge on GDPR, Product Road map, and Trials. In the case that there is no additional information for a certain product, the “Further Information” tab won’t appear. The services tab contains updated information on Services offered by SAP related to the product or related to its transition from a current product.


Call For Action

This is a summary of the significant updates made in this release. To find out more about the tool, visit the website at https://support.sap.com/stn or talk to an SAP expert at SAPPHIRE NOW 2018 next week. The SAP Transformation Experts will be hosting exclusive, one-on-one sessions for anyone that’s interested.