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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
In 2019 Q4, Embedded SAC in S/4HANA Cloud have been introduced to the customer. It is part of the embedded analytics. It extends and enriches current possibilities of meeting customer’s needs, which can greatly promote business values, speed-up the implementation project and resolve a part of customer’s requirement on custom reporting. Here I’d like to share a helpful user case from a customer, which perfectly shows the usability and capability of Embedded Analytics.

What’s customer’s request?

This customer will go-live soon. But one of the requirements from the finance key user is still not fulfilled. In customer’s company, the accounts receivable analysis report is used every day by end user, which is very important for finance department. And the aging analysis of all customers is very essential for this user. However, the original KPI report was designed to display the aging status for top 10 customers. And it’s cannot be changed by configuration or adding any variant in the current release. End users’ daily process is affected without an overall list of all customers’ aging status.

Therefore, Embedded Analytics has been introduced to the customer and solved the problem without doing any coding work. Business user can complete the custom reports with drag and drop without IT involvement because the data source and KPIs are already in the system.

How to solve the problem?

With the support from the developer, we guide the customer to create their own KPI report without restrictions so that customer would be able to see all the customers' data,

  • Navigate to Manage KPIs and Reports app. Choose “KPI” tab and copy the target KPI.

  • Create new group for the KPI, insert KPI and report title.


  • Navigate to “Reports” tab and choose the newly created report. Modify the configuration of the report to Charts and Tables.

  • Add view for the report and modify view settings.

  • Additional chart settings also need to be changed. In order to have no data limits, ‘Set Data Limits’ should be unmarked.

  • Change the view to Tabular view and activate it.

  • Add Tile in the Applications tab and select the tile format. Configure the tile carefully and then save and publish it.

  • Then add created report to Business Catalog. Use the “Add” bottom, pick the Catalog Roles you want and publish it

  • Wait for the report to be published. Refresh the page and pay attention to the “Status”. When it shows “Published”, check the report whether it can solve the problem or not.

  • The previous reports are shown below. The page can only show the aging analysis of the top ten customers

  • Then search for the new app. When the new created report is opened, there is a filter can be set to check all the customers, which meets the customer’s need. The problem has been solved through embedded analytics without coding.


Summing this up, using embedded analytics can give S/4HANA Cloud customers the opportunity to design the reports they want in the system, including KPI report, dashboard and other types. Especially for existing data sources and reports, you can easily and quickly create the desired report layout. What’s more, with release 1911 SAP introduces SAP Analytics Cloud embedded in SAP S/4HANA Cloud. It enriches the current analytical functionalities and brings in more flexibility and ease of use.

In the future, the current experience of successfully implementing embedded analytics will be combined to bring better services to our customers.

More information

Moreover, we have completed a successful work with a custom SAC story. It shows the possibility for customers to design their own custom SAC dashboard to meet their specific business requirement. This story will be shared in another blog Customer use case of Embedded SAC: how to create custom SAC story and the dashboard in S/4HANA Clou....