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With the 1909 release of SAP S/4HANA, a new set of innovations across all lines of business is offered to the customers. Not only the comprehensive coverage of lines of business but also the different nature of innovations indicates that especially the bandwidth of the release makes it worth having a look.

The video provides a first impression of the new release and its highlights. If you are interested now, keep on reading! The following blog will provide further information on each screen that is presented in the video.


Harmonized User Experience with SAP Fiori 3

In SAP S/4HANA 1909 the first step towards SAP Fiori 3 the new target User Experience for SAP products is done: The new theme named “Quartz” is lighter and more natural to put application content in the center of attention. With the new shell header bar, navigation is simplified and aligned to be best fit for all SAP products paving the way towards a consistent User Experience. How the latter might look like is shown in the example featuring SAP S/4HANA Predicted Delivery Delay and Ariba Network. Read more about SAP Fiori 3 here.


Sales & Marketing

Sales Order Fulfillment Issues: Monitor sales order fulfillment issues with a cockpit that collects and curates issue information and enables immediate follow-up action in order to solve the problem. See here for a detailed blog.


Predicted Delivery Delay: Leverage historical data to predict sales order outbound delivery delay and goods issue delay.

See a detailed blog for innovations in Sales here.



Business Solution Portfolio: Have a single portfolio view of multiple long-term service agreements with your customers to keep track of different validities.


Product Bundles in a Solution Quotation: Bundle physical goods and services together, while using business rules for variations. Offer the bundle as solution to your customers.


Supply Chain

Dead Stock Analysis: Monitor and make time-dependent investigations of your dead stock to achieve maximum inventory accuracy and to subsequently optimize the inventory situation in your stock.



Predictive MRP: Simulate demand planning and capacity planning in the MRP context and apply different system-guided strategies to solve potential capacity issues. See here for a detailed blog.


Sourcing & Procurement

Supplier Delivery Prediction: Leverage your accumulated historical data for suppliers and materials to predict future delivery dates. See here for a detailed blog.


Central Sourcing (RFQ): Aggregate purchasing demands from multiple local operational ERP systems and centrally engage with suppliers for RFQs.


Research & Development

Contribution-based Formulation in Recipe Management: Design compliant recipes with target-driven recipe management and its revolutionary usability. The effects of changes to components/component quantities to recipe KPIs (like nutrient information e.g.) become visible in realtime.


Compliance Information for Products: Leverage the new dangerous goods and safety data sheet management as well as the simple map visualization to produce, sell and transport market-compliant products. See here for a detailed blog.


Asset Management

Compliance Task Calendar in EHS: Flexibly visualize all compliance-related tasks of your team on one page to ensure easier and more confident scheduling.


Schedule Maintenance Order Operations: Change work center capacity and automatically reschedule maintenance orders to optimize work center usage.



Display Journal Entries in T-Account View: Leverage the familiar accounting structure of T-accounts as visualization of general ledger accounts to extend the accountants analytical options. See here for a detailed blog.


Predictive Accounting: Monitor and analyze the quality of the predicted revenues, costs of sales, margins and sales deductions to get a better understanding of how your period/quarter results might look like and why.


For further information on SAP S/4HANA 1909 feel free to use the following links:

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