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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
You leverage SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit to migrate the custom legacy business data into the new SAP Cloud ERP——SAP S/4HANA. Here I list some scenarios where you would need help on using Migration Cockpit, and some useful tips you should know about Migration Cockpit.

Scenario 1: You are using Migration Cockpit for the first time, or you are encountering different questions on different migration objects. You don't know what channel to check with.

Tip 1: It's strongly recommended to read the SAP Note 2538700 before having hands-on experience on Migration Cockpit. This is a collective Note which provides you with a list of SAP Notes/Knowledge base articles (KBA) related to the SAP S/4HANA Cloud Migration Cockpit content.

There are questions related to the tool:

There are also questions related to certain migration objects:

Moreover, we are also updating this Note very frequently, to ensure all those latest hot questions are included.

Scenario 2: You are preparing the customer legacy data with certain migration object template, SAP just publishes new content for the migration object templates in the new quarterly release. You want to know if there are any changes to the migration object template which you are working on.

Tip 2: Considering the new content will be published every quarter, this is a common scenario which could happen at customer projects. SAP provides the Migration Objects Template Comparison Report, which helps the customer to find out what are the new/changed/unchanged migration objects between releases. It can also help to list out the detailed changes for certain migration object from release to release.

E.g. change overview from 1902 to 1905:

You can also find out the detailed field-level changes for every migration object between releases:

Scenario 3: You are filling the data into the migration objects template which you downloaded from Migration Cockpit. You are familiar with SAP R3 ERP, but not with SAP S/4HANA. You are having difficulties to maintain the migration objects template.

Tip 3: In every migration object template, we hide some fields(SAP technical structure name, technical field name, detail description). By unhiding the fields, it can help you to add the data into the template file correctly. Especially if you are an SAP R3 consultant, you will be very familiar with these technical names.


So, these are the tips which I would like to share in this blog. Hope it can help to clarify some of the questions you have on using Migration Cockpit.