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In SAP's endeavor to continuously enhance and expand the functional capabilities of Digital Supply Chain S/4HANA product portfolio, we are excited to announce the October 12th release of the SAP S/4HANA 2022 version of SAP S/4HANA advanced Available-to-Promise (aATP).

As an integral part of the order fulfilment process, SAP S/4HANA advanced Available-To-Promise provides accurate and reliable order promise dates considering the relevant supplies across the network and critical supply chain constraints, in real-time, while protecting companies’ business priorities and profitability goals. Built natively in SAP S/4HANA Core, aATP is available in all deployment option of Public Cloud, Private Cloud and On Premise.

With this latest release where we provide a first increment of two of the most-awaited functionalities in order promising – Supply Creation-Based Confirmation (SBC) and Business Process Scheduling (BPS).

Supply creation-Based Confirmation (SBC) enables the companies, with business processes around Make-To-Order / Assemble-To-Order, to provide order confirmation date to their customers by the ability to produce the product considering the availability of critical components and raw materials, and the bottle-neck resource capacity. For this, SAP S/4HANA advanced Available-To-Promise integrates with SAP S/4HANA Manufacturing for Planning and Scheduling to plan and confirm orders in real time. The key features include:

  • Production Planning-Based Availability Check (PPAC) with Supply Creation

  • Product Availability Check (PAC) with Supply Creation

  • Support of both ‘Sales’ and ‘Capacity’ Product Allocation for the finished product

  • Display of Result of the Supply Demand-Based Capability Check in Review Availability Check Results App.

Supply creation-Based Confirmation

Business Process Scheduling (BPS) provides a more flexible and configurable scheduling framework that can be used to schedule standard and custom logistical activities of different business processes. Key features include:

  • Creating freely configurable business processes

  • Scheduling with time granularity in days or seconds

  • 5 Pre-delivered BPS schemas, which consume existing scheduling configurations based on shipping point and transportation route

  • Integration into business processes Sales, Stock Transport, Outbound Delivery, and (advanced) Available-to-Promise

Business Process Scheduling

SAP S/4HANA advanced Available-to-Promise also includes features for advanced Business Process Scheduling (aBPS) that has:

  • Fiori app “Configure Activity Attributes” for a more granular definition of durations and working times of logistical activities for customer-specific use cases

  • 2 pre-delivered BPS schemas, which provide more sophisticated scheduling capabilities.

advanced Business Process Scheduling

Business Process Scheduling lays the foundation for further integration of ATP process with SAP S/4HANA Transportation Management in future releases.

In addition to these newly introduced functionalities, we have enhanced most of the existing functionalities of SAP S/4HANA advanced Available-to-Promise, reinforcing SAP’s intelligent enterprise strategy, adding value to our customers in providing next generation order promising capabilities, and strengthening our position in supply chain planning and logistics space.


Review Availability Check Results (RACR) app provides detailed explanation of ATP results helping the order fulfilment manager/sales representative to understand why an order is confirmed the way it is. The new features include:

  • Editing capabilities to merge and change schedule lines

  • Display of SBC results

Edit capabilities in RACR

Backorder Processing (BOP) provides mass ATP check capabilities by filtering and sorting requirements and confirming orders taking into account company’s business priorities and profitability goals. In 2022 Release, we add an additional confirmation strategy – IMPROVE – to the already existing 5 strategies of WIN, GAIN, REDISTRIBUTE, FILL and LOSE, that helps BOP to run smoothly in certain exceptional scenarios.

Backorder Processing Requirement Strategies

Alternative-Based Confirmation (ABC) allows to confirm sales orders based on the availability of substitute products or plants/storage locations in case the supplies for the originally requested product or plant are insufficient to fulfill the demand. Key features of this release are:

  • New Configure Alternative Determination app to define how a confirmation of a demand is determined by using one or multiple substitutes based on rating attributes and hard constraints

  • Manual selection of calculated alternatives in sales orders when reviewing availability check result

New Alternative Determination for ABC

Product Allocations (PAL) helps companies to avoid critical situations in demand and procurement by allocating materials in short supply to, for example, specific regions and customers for a specific time period. In 2022 we add additional features such as:

  • Enhanced Review Product Allocation Check Result Details screen

  • Support numerical variant configuration characteristics in the characteristic catalog of product allocation

  • Asynchronous file upload in Manage Product Allocation Planning Data app

  • Deletion of product-location assignments from product allocation sequences during file uploads

  • Maintain consumption unit on sequence constraint level

Supply Protection (SuP) ensures minimum guarantee to certain orders by protecting quantities of a material in a specific plant against other competing demands. In the 2022, we have enhanced the usability/functionality by the following features:

  • Restriction by own protection

  • Consistency checks

  • Copying SUP-objects, Change/move of planning horizon

Besides the mentioned features the aATP focused with 2022 on the topic of integration.

  • Product Availability Info API which allows the retrieval of a timeseries by supporting both PAC & SUP

  • SAP IBP Response Planning-based Availability Check allowing in context of sales order the delegation of confirmation to IBP while using ATP capabilities during order execution.

  • Support Scheduling Agreements with delivery schedules (call-offs)


Additional information on S/4HANA advanced Available-to-Promise (aATP), including these new solution capabilities, planned roadmap items, and question and answer forum can be found here:

With all these new features, SAP S/4HANA advanced ATP enables companies to manage their order promising in the order fulfillment process more effectively.

Please feel free to share your thoughts or feedback in the comment section.