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This blog post is part of a blog series focusing on SAP S/4HANA Extensibility. It is one of 5 blog posts taking care of the technical setup of extensibility with a focus on In-App Extensibility. Navigate to the header blog SAP S/4HANA Cloud Extensibility -  Engraving sample scenario


Custom Business Object

I will create a custom business object “Style” the purpose of the object should be that I can maintain the available styles for my engraving. The style should contain the layout of the engraving so which font, which font size, should it be bold, italic or underlined. The CBO could be used as a lookup in the imagined web shop, therefor I will expose the CBO via a custom communication scenario. With that I will be able to read the CBO and create new CBO entries from the postman application. I will also show you the option of a custom code list that I use as a value help for the bold field.

Custom Reusable Elements

As I would like to show as many In-App features as possible I would like to create a look up table for the field bold that will later be part of the CBO. Therefor I will create a Custom Code List which can be reused for example in the CBO or in a Custom Business Logic.

Goto app: Custom Business Objects

Goto tab: Custom Code Lists

Press: “+”


  • Name (Style_bold)

Goto tab: Code Values

Press “+”


  • Code (01, 02)

  • Description (Yes, No)

Press “Save and Publish”

Custom Business Objects

As mentioned above the Custom Business Object Style should define the layout of the engraving. Meaning which font, font size and bold, italic or underlined. I also want to be able to maintain the data on a UI in S4HC and I want to be able to expose the CBO data. Therefor I want that services are created so I can read the CBO information from the Postman application and also create new entries from there.

Goto app: Custom Business Objects

Press: “New”


  • Name = Style

Press “Create”

Select Checkboxes:

  • UI Generation

  • Service Generation

  • Can Be Associated

Goto tab: Fields

Enter the field values shown in the screenshot below

Press “Maintain Catalogs”

Assign the Custom Business Object to one or more Business Roles.

Select the checkbox for the Business Catalog and press “Publish”

The publishing process is time consuming

When the publishing has been completed the “Go to Generated UI” link becomes available


You will be forwarded to the generated UI.

There you can maintain some initial

Create custom communication scenario

In order to expose the CBO data, I need to create a custom communication scenario. This custom communication scenario together with the communication user and communication system will be used in a communication arrangement to have read and write access to the CBO data.

Goto app: “Custom Communication Scenario”

Press: “New”


  • Communication Scenario ID = Styles

  • Description = Styles

Press: “New”

Press: “New”



Press: “OK”

Press: “Publish”

Create communication arrangement

The communication arrangement allows me to expose the CBO data. It opens up the possible communication for the CBO. There I will be able to find the URL that I can use later in the Postman application to make API call to from CBO.

Goto app: Communication Arrangement

Press: “NEW”

Enter: Scenario = YY1_STYLES

Press: “Create”

Assign Communication System = SYSTEM_NM

Press: “Save”

Highlights and Conclusion: 

This blog shows how easy it is to setup a custom business object in the SAP S/4HANA Cloud system. It shows how it can be uses internally as well as the data can be exposed.

The blog outlines that the In-App Extensibility tools are powerful, easy to consume and life cycle stable.


This is a subchapter of the blog SAP S/4HANA Cloud Extensibility -  Engraving sample scenario