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It is often a business requirement from SAP PM point of view to perform the month end and year end closing activities. Some are the below points I would like to share with you to benefit all our community

Month end activities:

  1. The MM posting period for the current month is closed and the subsequent period is opened
  2. The FI & CO posting period for the current month is closed and the subsequent period is opened
  3. The maintenance overhead cost (if any) for the maintenance orders for the current month posting is calculated and posted against individual orders
  4. The maintenance orders cost is settled to the relevant settlement cost center maintained in the orders
  5. In some companies (the man power and over head costs) are reversed and reposted based on the business requirement.

Year end activities:

A. Action required:

  1. Activiation of fiscal year version to the subsequent year
  2. Review activity type rates and extend to the subsequent year
  3. Do the overhead cost calculation
  4. Settle the maintenance order unsettled cost with in the fiscal year
  5. Reschedule maintenance plans if required (Weekly plans)
  6. Reevaluate annual estimates for measuring points and update accordingly
  7. In some business there would be process relocation. In this case based on the new location the cost centers has to be updated and for existing functional locations and equipments also may require update of cost centers if any
  8. The main work center may require update when the equipment is dismantled and installed in different location
  9. Additional specification updated may require in functional locations and equipment
  10. Review and update the work centers, work center capacity and hours of working
  11. If required perform the master data clean up especially for the know issues
  12. Based on the business policy, archive the master and transaction data which will improve the system response time

B. Review required:

  1. Review annual maintenance contracts
  2. Review the maintenance tasks in the task list
  3. Review the task duration, man hours and number of people required per operation
  4. Review the existance and suitability of the spares (Material master)
  5. Review the appropriateness of the spares in BOM
  6. Review the suitability of BOM
  7. Review the spares installed quantity by reviewing the number of assemblies
  8. Review the warranty details in equipment

If experts feel to add some more points, you are most welcome !

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