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While reading through the release notes for Q3 2015 around Performance and Goals Management, couldn’t resist sharing some of the wow features that SuccessFactors is coming up with Q3 2015 release.

Also it is very important for all of us, SIs, to be up-to-date with what are the system offerings with the current release and well aware about the upcoming features. With such great functionalities coming in each release it is all the more important to be updated in order to avoid providing wrong information to our customers.

Some key features I personally liked the most are listed below, but there are plenty more coming with the release. You may have to try it to believe it. J

People Profile

The new People Profile user interface and user experience is now available for use with Employee Central. People Profile provides an all-new user experience for Employee Central. On People Profile, you can access existing Employee Central functionality, such as employee self-service (ESS), manager self-service (MSS), and spot bonus. You can add and edit an employee's personal, employment, and compensation information, or view the effective-dated change history. If you are using the action search feature, you can even take some actions directly from the global search box, without ever leaving your current page. New blocks on the profile allow you to request and manage time off, or view information from EC Payroll. Administrators can also use a new drag-and drop configuration tool to adjust the layout of the page or add and remove information.

How to activateUpgrade Center

One should NOT opt to upgrade to people profile if you are using below EC features:

● Global Assignments ● Concurrent Jobs ● Pension Payout ● Side-by-Side Deployment ● Alternate Cost Center ● Income Tax Declarations ● Benefits (Insurance, Wallets, Other Benefits, Deductible Allowances) ● New Hire/Rehire/Internal Hire from SuccessFactors Recruiting – Offer to Onboardee to Employee Conversion

You can now view and edit development goals, or attach or remove learning activities, from the People Profile. A new block on the People Profile enables you to view, add, and edit development goals. You can also add or remove learning activities from SuccessFactors Learning.

With the current view the information is designed so beautifully that going forward it can be quoted as the key selling factors to most customer, as everyone look forward to have a common place to visit and able to update information.

Kudos to SAP SuccessFactors for always coming up with releases around most pain area.

Goal Management

  • A new manager now has a "To Do" in their portlet, alerting them to review their goals as part of their new responsibility.

          This is what almost every customer I work with demanded for, where new managers need to be notified as an alert to review their responsibilities.

  • When a Leave of Absence event occurs in Employee Central, the system triggers a "To Do" for the employee to adjust his or her goals, and for the manager to adjust his or her goals accordingly.

          I would recommend this feature a step towards building an intelligent system where change in one module triggers an alert to manage activities in other           related modules. Great piece of release for Goal management module.

          Looking forward to seeing a route map within Goal management. I am sure it would be on a road map somewhere when SuccessFactors decides to           introduce MDF in Goals management. This would expunge the dependency of goal management on performance form just for sake of getting approval           process done, and of course confusing for our customers when they need to navigate to performance management to access goal setting form.

Performance Management

  • Customers can configure an option that automatically creates forms based on changes that match rules defined in Employee Central data, like departmental moves or job changes. The auto-creation of the PM form happens on the effective date of the new assignment or change in Employee Central.

          This is great feature could be used in multiple ways and could answer most of customer questions where they are worried of someone getting their           roles/department switched and may get missed to be evaluated or get missed out on goal setting. A good one again but could be leveraged only with           Employee central.

  • Customers can now attach files to a Performance Management form, at the form level. You cannot attach a form at the item level.

          This is a great feature and most customers demand for having it as they need their employees to attach a supporting document with performance form. I           am sure most customers are going to love this feature.

  • Displays custom, non-SuccessFactors learning activities at the goal-item level in a sub-tab on a PM Acceleration form. This allows customers without a Learning Management System to document learning activities for development goals. Only available using Form Template XML; not available in Manage Templates.

          If your customer has a very basic need where they just want to nominate the employees for some standard set to learning topics, the above simple           feature is what SuccessFactor has to offer. J

  • Users can combine or merge multiple sections by removing the section name header for each section. The exclusion of a section name from Manage Templates merges the sections. Setting a section name in the XML template to null also merges the sections.

Hope you find this information useful. If you have any more information to add do let us know in the comments section.  Do let us know your thoughts on this aw well!

About the author: Ashish Arora is Senior Manager at DDG - Daya Dimensi Global who has a rich experience working on SAP HCM and Success Factors: : Implementations, Support, SAP upgrades and roll outs.