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Executive Summary:

Streamlining GRC controls and Audit procedures in SAP is always hectic and tedious task, in order to facilitate Finance, Audit and Procurement this solution was designed and incorporated in our system using expertise in concerned departments.

There is always a solution to your problem just knock on the right doors to get proper response :).


Incoming invoice from a vendor needs to be verified and audited by concerned department before it is ready for payment.

Workflow BOR object:

Business objects which we take into account to configure workflow is BUS2081 and the event that will be triggered would be CREATED.

Solution Details:

This workflow will routed between Procurement, Finance and Audit departments. We need to configure customized table with below details hiding User/Email for confidentiality. All images used in the blog are designed and created for the blog purpose and doesn't infringe any copyrights.

Configuration Table

Finance will hold back incoming invoice in MIRO for audit purposes.

Audit upon receiving invoice document in workflow will initiate the audit process and raise any observations to Finance and procurement departments by either accepting the workflow or rejecting it with comments which will be sent to concerned departments via email.

Enabled Workflow Birds Eye View

Once all audit observations are resolved audit will accept the workflow which will then be forwarded to Finance department which will finally post the incoming invoice in system. and proceed with Payments.

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