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From EHP 7 onwards SAP offers a workflow based solution for release of payment proposal. This means that the payment proposal gets routed to a concerned approver before the payment run can be made. Unless the approval has been made, the payment run cannot be carried out.

Basically this involves implementation of the following SAP notes:

  • 2418713 - F110 F111: Workflow-based release of payment proposal

  • 2441804 - F110 F111: Workflow-based release of payment proposal (installation for SAP Note 2441805)

  • 2441805 - F110 F111: Workflow-based release of payment proposal

The overall implementation is governed in by SAP note 2441770 - FI payment program: Workflow based release of payment proposal.

Below configuration is needed to have this working:

IMG path

Financial Accounting-Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable-Business Transactions-Outgoing Payments-Automatic Outgoing Payments-Payment Proposal Processing-Configuration:

The company code and the payment method for which a workflow based release has to be activated is defined here:

The agent for approval can be defined at combination company code and currency level.

The agent determination can happen based on Vendor, Accounting Clerk, Payment Method, Amount etc.

In the below example we have based it on Vendor Number which means approval for vendors falling in a certain range would be directed to a particular agent based on the set up made:

The system checks the conditions for agent determination in the order specified. Once a condition for the payments of a business partner is fulfilled, the system transfers this to the work package of the selected agent for the workflow.

Case Study

Open Items posted on a vendor

Carrying out a proposal run based on the above list:

Agent determination in the payment proposal:

Attempting to carry out the payment run before the acceptance/rejection run:


Inbox of the approver:

Approver can block or reject some items:

Blocking items in payment proposal:

Payment proposal after editing:

Confirming the payment proposal

Payment proposal after being edited by the approver:

Once confirmed, the person initiating the transaction does not have the option to change the proposal:

Payment Run:

Payment document posted:


Thus we see that workflow based approval of payment proposal restricts unauthorized changes to the payment proposal during processing and restricts payment run before the workflow is completed.
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