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With Introduction of S/4HANA and Fiori, demand for SAP have taken upward trend. SAP has become first choice for Corporates. With this, demands for SAP consultants have also increased many fold. With this increase in demand, individuals, students, experienced candidates should consider SAP profile as a career. In order to justify this, I have tried to cover important points in this blog based on my experience till date.

In some section i have mentioned Funny quotes to make this blog lighter.

Important Point : Most of the points are common across industries. We have included all this points to assure that 'SAP Profile' also covers this bounties.

Video with images. Link - https://youtu.be/Ioz_7O_FNP

Scope of the document

  1. Certified Course in Less Time Period

  2. Cost

  3. Training’s

  4. International travel/Stay

  5. Topmost Brand

  6. Always in demand

  7. Best jobs

  8. Best culture

  9. Best people

  10. Varied culture

  11. Best Remuneration among peers

  12. Integrated community

  13. Transparency

  14. Scope for all

  15. Work from home

  16. Endless learning

  17. Creative satisfaction

  18. Stability

  19. One Stop

  20. Competitive

  21. Fun at work

  22. List of IT Companies in India

So lets Start.

Following are the reasons of Choosing SAP Profile as a career.

1. Certified Course in Less Time.

SAP course is a Globally accepted Certification course. This is recognized and accepted worldwide. SAP offers more than 150 certification exams in up to 9 languages.

SAP course is easy to pursue in less time. Below are the important points related to certification.

  • SAP Certification requires 8 to 12 weeks of time.

  • Certified training can also be taken.

  • Online Model makes this course preferable. Independent of location

  • Ease of registration and Online payments of fees.

  • …….and many more.

Types of Certification

  • Associate certification – Covers fundamental knowledge requirements for the successful acquisition of broad SAP solution knowledge and skills

  • Specialist certification – Offered in addition to an Associate certification, this certification level focuses on a specific role or integration component

  • Professional certification – Advanced certification, requiring proven project experience, business process knowledge, and a more detailed understanding of SAP solutions

Source: https://training.sap.com/certification/

Refer https://training.sap.com/ site for Certification, Training and all related information.


I would term this as a ‘Penny Cost’. Yes, you read right. Considering benefits in below section, cost for this course is a ‘Penny cost’.

Cost Incurred to pursue this course is comparatively less than other courses. Cost is around 3.5 to 4 lacs in countries like India. This may differ from country to country.

Time factor/cost ratio may seem to be higher, but this will be compensated with early high returns. Same cost incurred for other courses which require more time with late returns would not be much beneficial. This course is very beneficial for Graduated/Post graduated candidates.

Cost for training are less than certification. Below section provides different types of training’s that consultants can undergo.

3. Training’s

If Getting certified is not the plan or feasible, then below option should be considered.

  • Certified Training’s : SAP partners provides certified training’s. With this training, certification is not required, and entire course is covered. This type of training’s is not much costly and can be considered and very easy to undergo.

  • Corporate Training’s : Many Companies provide SAP training and in return bond need to be signed. This is termed as ‘Corporate Training’s’ or ‘Bonded Training’. Specified amount is deposited/guaranteed from Consultant for specified period. Upon Breaching bond period, proportionate amount needs to be paid back to the company.

  • Cross/Module Training : Cross module training is provided by companies to fulfill its requirement/demand for open position. For e.g. Finance consultant will be provided BPC module training. This allows consultant to learn new module with 0 Cost.

  • Lateral/Domain Training : Experienced consultant in respective industry are provided SAP training. Purpose of this training’s is to leverage the benefit of domain expertise. Experienced consultants are hired and provided extensive training. This training are also ‘Bonded’ training’s.

4. International Travel Stay

International travel/Stay are part of SAP profile. International clients, Global support, Global implementation, Global Roll out projects generates ample opportunity to travel. Purpose of travel could differ from project to project. Below are some examples:

  • Short Term travel – 10 to 15 days

  • Long Term Travel – 6 months to 2 years or even more.

  • Client Visit

  • Project bidding.

  • New proposals/Projects/Projects Presentation.

  • Multiple countries short term travel – when you are part of global project.

  • Travel for Go-Live and Go-Live support

  • ………..could be many more.

I have stayed 2 years in Europe.

If anyone loves travelling, this is best suited profile.

Funny Bites – If you are unmarried and allocated to onsite project (Europe), you are most in demand. Chances of best Marriage proposal are very high.

5. Topmost Brand

In ERP world, SAP is leading Brand. Implementing SAP guarantees organization below benefits:

  • High performance

  • Effective reporting

  • Real time reporting

  • Better control

  • Faster processing

  • Integrated processing

  • One platform solution

  • Interfacing with other software

  • Interfacing with Banking portal

  • ………..and many more.

Assume Insurance industry, they need IRDA report on real time basis. If you implement SAP, this is possible through custom development. Once implemented, CFO have real time information for all IRDA schedule. Faster reporting leads to Faster decision making and less loss of market opportunities.

With the introduction of S/4HANA and Fiori, things are faster and handier. Mobile Fiori Apps facilitates immediate access to information, faster processing and many more feature.

All this feature makes sap best brand in ERP world.

6. Always in Demand

SAP jobs are always high in demand. Job Portals are flooded with SAP Jobs. As more and more companies are implementing SAP, demands for consultants are very high. Demand is not just for consultants having Functional or Technical but also for:

  • Freshers

  • Mid – Experienced

  • SAP Experts

  • COEs

  • Project Managers

  • Programme Managers

  • Delivery Heads

  • Delivery Managers

  • Business Analyst

  • System Auditors

  • End users

  • Trainers and

  • Training institutes Advisors

  • Freelancers

  • …… many more positions.

With such varied demands, SAP profile should be considered.

7. Best Jobs

Most of the best companies of the world are on SAP. With S/4HANA introduction more non-SAP companies are converting their legacy system to SAP. This creates opportunity for SAP consultants to have a best job. Best job covers below points.

  • Best Remuneration.

  • Mediclaim for Self and Family.

  • Best Leave policy.

  • Best Culture

  • Best work environment with excellent growth Opportunity.

  • Best Security

  • Timely Salary payment.

  • Timely reimbursement

  • Domestic and International Travel

  • Excellent Infrastructure

  • Health care facilities – In Premise

  • Less Micro management.

  • Culture free from Harassment, abusive conduct and discrimination.

  • Fun zones or recreation zones.

  • Excellent Cafeterias/Canteen.

  • …….. and could be many more.

For freshers this could be most exciting thing.

8. Best Culture

SAP, SAP Partners and SAP Clients have best culture to work in. Following are the points which contributes to make the best culture.

  • Sharing of ideas

  • Acknowledging contributions of Consultants

  • Recognition of achievements

  • Awards and Applause on completion of project

  • Motivation/Encouragement to complete task

  • Adaptation – Learning of new module

  • Training and Certification sponsorship

  • Harassment policies to mitigate unnecessary bossism (Specially for Female employees). Mutual understanding and Respect.

………..could be many more

9. Best People

SAP profile have best people to work with. Best people make best culture, Great Jobs and enhances the brand. Everything rotates around people and SAP profile is no exception. Consultant will meet best people during entire below process.

  • On boarding process – HR Team

  • Bench time – Consultants from various Module

  • Training period – Best Module Trainers

  • At times of Allocation of project – Best resources allocation team who understand your requirements.

  • Execution of Project – Best Team

  • Team Support during project – Best team

  • Project change request – Best managers, Heads.

  • Relocation Request – HR team

  • Post marriage relocation Request – HR team

  • ……………could be many more.

All above phases requires best people to deal with. SAP profiles guarantees this. There might be some exception, but exceptions are universal.

10. Varied Culture

Best Culture and Varied culture both things are different but Varied culture must be best. Else it will not be qualified as a ‘Culture’ itself.

I still remember when I joined my first job in Hyderabad and found people from Orissa, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, United States and many other places. First question that came to me was why people are not being hired from Hyderabad itself? But as time passed, I got to know that talent has no geographical boundaries, and this makes the Culture as varied culture.

Following are bounties of varied culture.

  • Opportunity to know different people

  • Opportunity to learn different languages

  • Opportunity to know new Culture and tradition.

  • Learning new things and unlearning old things.

  • Opportunity to know new ways of working.

  • Opportunity to celebrate many festivals.

  • Opportunity to taste varied food.

  • Opportunity to visit many countries and cities

  • Opportunity to work with Passive, active, proactive and Smart peoples.

  • ………and could be many more.

IT companies have various SAP projects across the globe. This provide ample opportunity to leverage the above benefits.

11. Best Remuneration among peers

Best Monetary/Non-Monetary packages are offered to SAP consultants. Due to maximum and increasing market share, demands for consultants are always high. Job portals are flooded with requirements and vacancies. Following are the components which are provided to SAP consultants:

  • Best CTC is offered.

  • Bonuses are paid to employees. Based on operating results sometimes more than 100% bonuses are paid.

  • Travel allowances for onsite trips which are very high.

  • Onsite salaries for long term foreign projects. This is best.

  • On call support charges.

  • Shift allowance

  • Relocation allowance

  • New location allowance

  • Awards, rewards and Gift coupons

  • Employee share option

  • Onsite accommodation over and above the onsite remuneration

  • Complete School fees for kids at onsite location

  • Family travel allowance

  • ……. could be many more.

If allocated to onsite project in early stage of career consultants can have all above benefits along with good experience.

12. Integrated community

SAP is an integrated community. Could be termed as one community. Below points makes SAP world as a one community.

13. Transparency

Transparency is the key factor of SAP. Once project is allotted, everything is pre-defined. Below are some predefined points of the project:

  • Roles and responsibility of the consultant

  • Scope of work

  • Timeline to deliver

  • Requirement and Expectations from consultant

  • Reporting Hierarchy.

  • Internal processes.

  • Approval processes.

  • Escalation matrix.

  • Task Ownership

  • ……….many more

As everything is pre-defined, consultant can focus on the given task to deliver excellence.

14. Scope for all

SAP profile is Inclusive profile. It is welcoming profile. Graduates, Postgraduates, Engineers, Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants, CPAs, Companies secretary, IT engineers. MCAs and anyone could choose SAP profile. Below are some real scenarios to explain this.

With such easy entry, SAP profile could be best choice for anyone.

15. Work from home

‘Work from home’ option is favorite option especially for female consultants. SAP profile is best suited profile for candidates preferring for ‘work from home’. Following points should be considered:

  • Some companies allow 100% work from home.

  • Some corporate have a policy to allow few days in a week to work from Home.

  • This could be best for Female Consultants.

  • Job loss could be prevented during pandemics.

  • Work-life balance is possible.

  • ‘No travelling’ Benefit

  • Stress free environment

  • …………..and many more.

Considering above benefits, SAP profile could be best option.

16. Endless learning

Continuous learning is the part of SAP profile. Along with getting certified in specific module, knowledge of other modules is also important. Working on any specific module gives ample opportunity to learn other modules.

For e.g. FI consultants need to know many integrations. Below are some examples –

  • FI-MM integration

  • FI-SD integration

  • PS module integration

  • Controlling module integration

  • Funds Management Integration

  • PP module integration

  • HR module integration.

Consultants working in ECC 4.7 must learn SAP ECC. SAP ECC consultants must learn S/4HANA and FIORI.

Sometimes, Cross module learning is also required. FI consultants have to work in COPA, Product costing, Funds Management, Travel Management, FSCM module.

This makes SAP profile very interesting as well as challenging.

17. Creative satisfaction

SAP is a platform where creativity of everyone is tested. SAP comes with an implied concept – ‘Best

Solution’. Along with Providing best solution, challenging implemented solution is also expected. Every consultant gets a chance to apply his creativity.

Following are the stages of SAP implementation/Support/Rollout project:

  • Requirement Gathering stage.

  • Blueprinting Phase

  • Realization


  • Production uploads Go Live

  • Custom developments

  • Interface  with 3rd Party system

  • Training’s

  • Post GO live support.

  • Setting authorization for users, Managers and all stakeholders.

  • Presentations

  • Team Meetings

  • Online sessions

  • Plant/Factory visits to understand business

  • ………and could be many more.

Utmost creative satisfaction could be achieved if consultant gets Opportunity to work in all/any of the above stages.

18. Stability

Job Stability and Software stability are the prime features of SAP Profile. This feature makes SAP profile unique and most in demand. Let us discuss this below:

  • Job Stability

SAP was invented in 1972, still strong today and with S/4HANA and Fiori introduction this will be favourite/in demand for corporates in future. Due to this, job demands for SAP profile will always be high.

More demands give more stability and once SAP profile is opted; this job can be converted into Career. More job stability leads to more stable career.

  • Software Stability

SAP login screen, Sap Visuals, Easy access, SPRO paths, Tables etc have not change much since inception. If considered the period some changes are justifiable, but in totality not much. This makes SAP best ERP not only for Corporates but also for Consultants. Once certified, consultant can navigate in all Version of SAP.

This makes it very convenient.

Currently almost all clients are on ECC 6.0 version or S/4HANA and not on 4.7c.

19. One Stop solution

SAP ERP is one stop solution for Corporates. Also, it is expanding to more line of businesses to provide standard solution. Below are some industries covered by SAP and if anyone opting for SAP profile will have opportunity to work/learn in all below areas. This make SAP profile unique as almost everything is covered.

Energy and Natural Resources

  • Building Products

  • Chemicals

  • Mill Products

  • Mining

  • Oil and Gas

  • Utilities

Service Industries

  • Cargo Transportation and Logistics

  • Engineering, Construction, and Operations

  • Media

  • Passenger Travel and Leisure

  • Professional Services

  • Sports & Entertainment

  • Telecommunications

Consumer Industries

  • Agribusiness

  • Consumer Products

  • Fashion

  • Life Sciences

  • Retail

  • Wholesale Distribution

Discrete Industries

  • Aerospace and Defence

  • Automotive

  • High Tech

  • Industrial Machinery and Components

Financial Services

  • Banking

  • Insurance

Public Services

  • Defence and Security

  • Future Cities

20. Competitive edge

Above features makes SAP favourite among corporates to move to SAP platform and for consultants to make their career. It has competitive edge among peers. With S/4HANA and Fiori introduction, optimum values will be added to customers. Cost/Benefit ratio will be the best.

With Fiori introduction, navigation and user friendliness will be at best. Cumulative reports for all modules will help top management to make faster and effective decision.

SAP is already a leader and having a competitive edge in the ERP world. With introduction of S/4HANA and

21. Fun At Work

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. To avoid this below activity are conducted on floor by most of the companies.

  • Birthday Celebrations

  • Anniversary Celebrations

  • Team outing

  • Team lunch/dinners

  • Festival celebrations (Diwali, Eid, Rangoli during Navrati etc.)

  • Game competitions organised by management.

  • Sweet distribution if consultants visits any sacred places

  • Traditional Days celebration

  • ……….and could be many more.

Funny Bites : If you are lucky, search for your soulmate could end up here.

22. List of IT companies in India

Following is the list of IT companies in India. Highlighted companies are Indian IT companies.

There could be many more reasons why SAP profile could be best profile. List is endless. It depends upon individual to consider this Option. Some readers might have reservation for above points but there are exceptions. This reservation can be found everywhere. But if overall picture is considered, what SAP profiles offer is much more than any other profile could ever offer.

I hope you like my document. If any mistakes, lapses are found in above blog do inform me for correction.

Images used in this blogs are uncopyrighted. If case of any issues, objection for pictures, please notify me in comments section.

All the best!

CA Zunaid Hingora

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