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Hello SAP PLM Community,

I am SAP PLM Consultant working with SAP Partner here in Midwest at North America.

Its always interesting and beneficial to consultants to keep track of new offerings in this constantly changing technological landscape. Recently I attended OPEN-SAP course just like many of you and I wanted to try to consolidate all the information coming from all these channels to best of my knowledge.

This blog post tries to compare technical components available in SAP PLM as of ECC EHP8 with further releases of S4HANA. Just to reiterate this is not SAP Official Information but rather my consolidation from SAP official Simplification lists for S4HANA and OPEN SAP Course on Discrete Industries.

S4/HANA 1511, 1610 , 1709 PPM S4HANA FIORI ROLES
• Use SAP Mobile Documents (Cloud Solution) instead of webDMS and cFolders.
• Use Engineering Record instead of ECR/ECO(CC31).
• Use ECTR S4/HANA instead of CDESK and EDESK.
• SAP BOM Production Version is mandatory for easier MRP.
• Release Management is discontinued.
• ECL Viewer is replaced with Visual Enterprise Viewer.
• EasyDMS is replaced with SAP Document Center.
• PDCE is replaced with SAP Product Life Cycle Costing.
• SAP Product Master to manage documents in FIORI APP, there are few additional PLM Apps like change master, documents
S4/HANA 1809

Engineering Record is replaced with Change Record (However as long as you have compatibility pack you can still use Engineering Record)

The following are the key available capabilities in the alternative solution Change record:
• SAP Fiori UX , Workflow driven change management process
• Pre-defined process templates as well as auto-determined responsible persons
• Unified My Inbox for task owners to monitor and handle their tasks
• Engineering Cockpit, giving insight on business process with visualized data
• Searching capabilities,
• Advanced Workflow Capabilities, e.g. different activities working in parallel, digital signature, ad-hoc task and very flexible process jumping
• Change Objects in Process Industry, e.g. Recipe and Specification
• Allowing customers to enable new change objects

• PDN Product Design Workbench is replaced by PSM

• SAP PLM Recipe Management is replaced by S4HANA Recipe Development
S4/HANA 1909 released in September 2019 Further Improvements in Change Record. Didnt see anything else significant.

OPEN SAP Session Functionalities

Innovation Management

Note 2396823 - Release Note SAP Innovation Management 2.2, for installing.
Requirement Management

Using SAP Intelligent Product Design , IPD is cloud based solution, with lots of new functionalities,

• Collaboration
• Live Product Cockpit
• Requirement Acquisition
• Requirement Management and System Modelling
• Test Management

Cloud Trial Version available on sap.com
SAP Comment on IPD
“our new Intelligent Product Design cloud solution rather complements the on premise PLM solution that is on the S/4HANA stack. The goal is to deliver new innovations as a service on top via the cloud that integrate seamlessly into the on premise solution. Therefore we don't compare the two solutions but rather position them next to each other to cover broader end-to-end scenarios.”
Handover to Manufacturing SAP VMP , SAP Intelligent Asset Management


Thanks for reading, We like to see SAP making progress for Engineering Challenges, and wish all of you good luck.


Links to references:

S4HANA 1610 Simplification List

S4HANA 1709 Simplification List

S4HANA 1809 Simplification List

S4HANA 1909 Simplification List

OPEN SAP Discrete Manufacturing Course

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